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Postcard with photograph of three World War I soldiers in the Herefordshire Regiment

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The two sides of a postcard below show the photograph of three soldiers of the second Line Battalion of the Herefordshire Regiment in World War 1 uniform, with the following message:

2nd Line Herefords
Dear Mr Cole
I hope you will like photo of us thre nuts, we have signed on for foreign service and hope to be going soon but we don’t know yet, or where to, but don’t tell any of our people, as it may upset  them.
Your faithfully, Britons
Thank you very much for letter.

The postcard was addressed to Mr JS Cole, Supply Stores, Pontrilas, Herefordshire and is postmarked Pontrilas 8 May 1915.

The identity of the three soldiers is unknown. The Ewyas Lacy Study Group would welcome any information from users of the website which could help to identify them. 

We are grateful to Anthony Barton for permission to publish the postcard, which he purchased at a stamp and postcard fair in York. Notes in pencil relate to the sale. Mr Barton has also provided these comments:

‘A little information after some close examination and deciphering: it's dated 8 May 1915, from 37 Uppingham(t) St .Northampton. The addressee is perfectly legible. The uniforms are exactly as you would expect at that date, with the usual khaki service dress and the pre-war style of cap. They are wearing leather belts from the 1914 leather equipment, which was commonly issued as a substitute for the standard webbing type. They carry canes for walking out, an affection of soldiers of the period. They are 2nd Line Herefords, presumably in training at Northampton, and have volunteered to go overseas, as many did. The Herefords were an all Territorial Regiment: that is, they had no Regular Battalions, only part-timers. So our lads in the pic were not forced to go overseas by the terms of their enlistment, but along with millions of others, volunteered to do so. It also appears to say "C" company, which was recruited from Ledbury, Colwall, Much Marcle and Bosbury. Unfortunately we have no names apart from "Britons" for them. It's just possible that the man on the left and the standing fellow are brothers, looking at their faces.’




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