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Extract from the Journal of James Palmer, Preacher




Travels of a Preacher in Ewyas Lacy

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Olchon, Llanthony, Longtown, Llanveynoe




Excerpts From the Diary of James Palmer


Feb 1st 1841 - I went to Monmouth and preached to a large and atentive audience and a good spirit was manifested at this time. I told the congregation that I was a minister sent forth to preach the gospel to mankind without purs(e) or scrip and I was without funds and if some person would favour me with a bed that night I should be thankful. I readily discovered that I had a people there and alltho poor was not devoide of Christian feeling, and they would not leave the house until thay knew I was provided for. One kind friend invited me home to supper and I accepted his kind offer, and another gave me a shilling, and one good old lady gave me two apples, and may the blessings of God allmighty rest upon them for their kindness to me. And now I know that God has an honest people here that will serve him as soon as their eyes are open to the truth. And it apears to me that the Rev. Mr. James has played himself out.

Feb 18th - I made my way across a mountain to a settlement called Olcon. Called at Mr. Gilberts, had some refreshments thence to the place of Preaching being the house of one Mr. Jones, where I preached to a large congregation. Some few gave in their names babtism. Slept at Mr. Joneses that night.

Feb. 19th – I crossed the black mountain to Llantony with the view of preaching the gospel but all doors ware closed against me. I felt that thereafter if that people wanted my ministeariel labours thay would have to come and invite me after such cold treatment. Thay are what might be rightly called mongril Welch as but few of them can speak the English or Welch langwige correct.

(At Longtown) – I preached that evening to a large congregation at the place apointed   and a good spirit was manifested. And when we supposed the people all gone, in came a Welch man and desired to stay over night. His object was to have a talk with me. Sister Davis soon arainged this matter to the satisfaction of this Junteelman whoes name I found to be Jacob Gwatkin direct from Llantony Abbey. He had come on a visit to make my acquaintance, and if possible to get a correct knowledge of our prinsables. When I learned this, I gave him all attention and answered all his questions as fare as I was able. He spoke good English and was well read in the holy scriptures. He kept me awake until 3 oclock next morning answering questions and was readey again at daylight with more. However, at length he manifested a good disposition being ancious to learn correct prinsables and if posible to obey them. He was evidently a man of much thought. He proposed to me to have a house in readeyness and the people notified in that neighborhood, and I should have a (h)earing and so with great pleasure I made my apointment on the next Monday following. Acordingly I filled my apointments at Llanvaino and forest gate and atended a public discourse delivered by the Rev. Charles Probert of Longtown against the doctrine and prinsables of the Latterday Saints.

On the morrow being March 1st, I honored my apointment at Llantony Habtey acompanied by some of the Saints. As I drew near the meeting house, I discovered a vast crowd of people much rezembling a flock of sheep when bunched up, anciously waiting my comeing. The house was cramed full and many more outside and to make them all (h)ear, I stood in the dorway. My subject was the first prinsables of the gospel, tulching (touching?) somewhat upon the second advent of Messiah. This people gave me good attention and manifested much good feeling by kindly inviting me home with them to partake of ther (h)ospitality. On this ocation the Lord blessed me with great liberty of speech and his holy spirit thrilled threw my sistem, from head to foot. Acompanying his word, manifesting to my understanding most ashuredly that there ware those present befor me that would respond to the call as soon as thay ware properly instructed in gods devine law. The people here speak the Welch as well as the English Langwige at this time. I pertood of refreshments at the Residence of on Mr. Gwilliams and my God bless this people for the good feeling thay have manifested to me on this ocation. (mentioned name of James Morgan) (Thomas Evans Priest represented the Garway Conference) (Philip Lewis Priest rep. Euisharrold branch) (Garway had 100 and 4 members: 3 Elders, 7 Priests, 2 teachers, 1 deacon; Orcup had 12 members: 2 P and 1 T; Euisharrold had 8 M: 1P; Longtown had 10 M: 1 E, 1 P at Conference on 8 Mar 1841) Wilford Woodruff was present along with Levi Richards


The spelling in the above is as in the original Journal, much of it is phonetic but all is readily understandable.

 James Palmer was born at Dymock in Gloucestershire in August 1820. He became a Preacher. He emigrated to America in 1842 and joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormons).

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