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Probate Collection; Will for Walter Marsh, Esq.

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1. Will dated 18 March 1820 .
To kinsman, Walter Prosser, living in Monmouth, the messuage, land and tenement called Gworlodith situated in
Newton and tenanted by Thomas Saunders, for Walter Prosser's lifetime. And afterwards to Joseph Austin Morgan of Skenfrith and his heirs for ever subject to the payment of an annuity of £25 to be paid to his brother James Cowles Morgan of Gurraway [Garway?] county Hereford during his life in two equal payments to be made at midsummer and Christmas.
To David Gwillim of The Hunthouse, Clodock , the messuage ,land and tenements called Holingwen in the parish of Ewyas Harold and tenanted by John Roberts together with leasehold land called Spare Meadow for the remainder of the term, for the life time of David Gwillim and thence to his son John Gwillim and his heirs for ever.
All the messuages, lands and tenements called Doy, Gilberts Orchard and Dinsters lying in Ewyas Harold in the occupation of John Powell, blacksmith and Mary his wife to John Powell and his wife for their lifetime and thence to their son James Powell and his heirs for ever.
To David Gwillim, son of kinsman David Gwillim, the messuage, lands and tenement called Snowdhill [Snodhill?] in the parish of Peterchurch and Vowton
To John Wilkins of Lunvassloy [?] County Monmouth, carpenter, all mortgaged premises situated in the parish of Rowlestone in fee.
'I give and bequeath unto the] said John Watkins £1000 [indecipherable word] one mortgage on the said estate called …..Wayne or Wogga in the parish of Rowlestone he paying the sum of £25 per year unto his mother …..and also paying and discharging my joint debts out from me and David Lewis the present occupier of the said Wogga estate'.
To Mary Williams of Killhook in the parish of Llanliliau Crokornay County Monmouth, spinster, £500. And to her sister, wife of Thomas Morgan, £500.
To Mary Powell of Ewyas Harold, £500. And to her sister, Ann Gwillim, £500.
to the son and daughter of testator's late kinsman, John Gwillim deceased, £500 each.
To kinswoman, Elizabeth Watkins, £500.
To Mary Morgan, wife of the Rev. William Morgan, the life interest on £500.
To the grandchildren of his late kinswoman, May
Davis , £500 to be divided equally between them when they reach 21.
To kinswoman, Elizabeth Watkins, widow, £500.
To Joan Morgan, £500 if she continues to live with the testator during his lifetime.
All messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments (except the Wogga estate) held by mortgage to David Gwillim in fee to assist in paying the above bequests.

Executors: David Gwillim sen. , and his sons David jun. and John.

Signed by testator

Witnesses: W. Wood, Whithouse; D. Lewis, Mornington on Wye; John Gilbert, Rollestone [Rowlestone?]

Date of Probate:
7 October 1822 .




As this is taken from a copy of the will deposited at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there are no supporting documents.

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