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Probate Collection; Will and documents for Thomas Gregg, yeoman

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1. Will;
7 February 1631
'My bodie to be buried as near as maybe to my fathers grave'
Debts to be paid.
All goods chattels and household stuff to be sold to discharge debts, any surplus to wife, Johan for her lifetime towards the upkeep of his children. On her death this money to be divided amongst such children as are still living.
To daughters Elizabeth, Anne and Mary Gregg 'and to the burden wch my wife is now in child if please god should give her safe deliverance', all interest in a moiety of a messuage in the parish of Pencoyde ' which came to me by the gift and grant of Walter Phillips of Clodock, yeoman and which was purchased by him from John Brace late of Deymonts within the Parish of Pencoyde'.

Executors: wife, Johan and son, David Gregg

Marked by testator.

Witnesses: Alexander Lord, Thomas Jones, John Phillip Howell, Walter Phillipps, Charles Llaude, Thomas Jenyngs

Date of probate:
12 April 1632 .

2. Inventory: dated
12 February 1631 ; valued at £27 13 10d. but comes to £26  4  4d. Assessors Alexander Lord, William Thomas ap Jones, Phillip David Phe[ Phillip], Thomas Jenyngs




There is a bond with bounden Johan Gregg of Clodock and Phillip David of the same in a surety of £100
The inventory is reproduced below with modern spelling:

                                                                                                                             £       s       d
Imprimis 2 kine and one yoke of oxen                          vijli                           7
2 heifers of a year old and the
vantarg[?] one bullock of a year old                                      ls                        2      10
one nag and one young mare                                     iiijli                              4
16 yearling sheep                                                                    xls                      2
3 small swine                                                                           iijs                                 3
capons and other poultry                                                          xviijd                           1      6 
Rye in the barn, by estimate 10 bushels
and oats and barley in the barn and in the house
by estimate 17 bushels and corn upon the
ground 2 acres                                                                   iijli xiijs viijd              3      13      8 
one wainscot bedstead and one trowel [truckle]
bedstead one feather bed 2 coverlets 2 blankets
3 pair of sheets one bolster one billow 'bund' [beer?] 
one board cloth                                                                   iijli                            3
one brass pan one brass pot, one little brass kettle
one broch one frying pan one pot hooks                               xxvjs viijd          1       6       8
one small vat one stand and other treen
vessels                                                                                           vjs viijd                      6      8
one little cupboard one small table board
3 coffers one chair                                                                     xiijs iiijd                      13      4
one dung wayne one plough one small
harrow one yoke one tow and carbridle
one iron bar one axe one hedge bill
one spittle one shovel one mattock
one adze and other working tools and
implements for husbandry one Rodfardle
[instrument for measuring a rod?]
one pack saddle and one bridle                                                xxxs                1        10      
                                                                                                 [comes to           £26        4       4d]
                                      Sum Totalis xxvijli xiijs xd

Debts due by testator by obligation
to Watkin Phe              18li
to Alexander Lord          ij li
Without specialty       £20 

To Walker Taylor    ijli
To Mary Greg         1li
To watkin Phee     ijli  
           Sum xxvli [£25]

leaving ijli xiijs iiijd

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