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Probate Collection; The will and documents for Thomas Thomas, cooper

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1. W
[3 pages] dated 17 March1816
First he sets up 2 trusts with friends David and John Gilbert as trustees. One to hold all his freehold and leasehold property and lands and one to hold all his stock, household furniture and possessions.
His wife Hannah is to enjoy the profits etc from the properties and lands for her lifetime or until she re-marries whichever is the sooner; thereafter the properties and leases are to be disposed of:
To nephew, Thomas Thomas, 'all that freehold estate called Lower House lying… in the Township of Newton … and the parish of Saint Margarets' subject to the payment of £100 to whosoever my wife Hannah appoints in her will duly witnessed by two persons 'being the marriage portion I had received… (in case I had no Issue by Hannah my beloved wife)'
To niece, Mary Osborne, all that messuage and freehold lands called Llanoley, in which the testator dwells situated in Newton.
To nephew James Thomas, all that messuage and lands in
Newton currently in the possession of William Prosser subject to the repayment of a £70 debt owed to Mr William Williams of Abbey Dore. However if James Thomas does not come to claim his legacy then it is to go to Mary Osborne.
Also to Mary Osborne, all his leasehold lands in Craswall, in the possession of David Gilbert and James Griffiths
To niece, Ann Parry, the messuage and all the lands etc situated in St Margarets and in the occupation of Jane Price, tenant.
The trustees are instructed to sell up the second trust and apply the money to paying funeral expenses and debts, particularly the £70 debt to Mr William Williams such that if James Thomas fails to pay it then the trustees should raise the money by mortgage.

Executors: David and John Gilbert and his wife Hannah.

Signed by the testator

Witnesses: Dinah Williams and Richard Willimas both of St Margarets and John Gilbert of Rollstone

Date of Probate:
28 June 1816 .

2. Inventory: none but coversheet is endorsed ' under £100'




A long and quite complex will which is not surprising for a man of property; 4 sheets in all. The testator is the nephew and beneficiary of James Thomas, cooper [see BR/1799/13].


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