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Probate Collection; The will and documents for James Thomas, cooper

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1. W
[2 pages] dated
9 January 1799
First he states his wish to be buried in his brother John's grave in Michaelchurch yard and that all his debts be paid.
To nephew, Thomas Thomas, all his freehold messuage tenement and land in the Newton and St Margarets, subject to charge of £80 upon them to be disposed as follows:
To the 4 children of nephew, James Thomas, 25/- each with interest at 5% to be paid them when they reach 21.
To niece, Martha, daughter of the testator's brother Thomas Thomas, £50.
To nephew, John Bainton, £5 and a feather bed , bedstead and bed clothes.
To William, son of James Prosser and the testator's sister Mary, £5.
To Sarah, wife of Phillip Bithel, £5 for her own use and not to be subject to her husband's control.
£10 to be expended on his funeral.
To nephew, Thomas and niece, Martha, all tables, hogsheads, barrels, trinds and household goods 'whether in my dwelling house or at the Rock' to be equally divided between them.
All his working tools, hoops, timber, livestock etc. to nephew, Thomas Thomas.

Executor: nephew, Thomas Thomas.

Signed by the testator

Witnesses: Elizabeth Williams and Richard Williams and William Williams

Date of Probate:
22 April 1799

2. Inventory: [plus copy] dated
12 April 1799 , value £17 15 0d. Appraisers W. Marsh and D. Morgan.




The Rock is mentioned in the Will and also appears as a separate place in the inventory which gives a room by room list of contents. One unusual item listed in the kitchen is a tin coffee pot. The documents include a separate registration instruction and a coversheet;
6 sheets in all


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