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Newton School Log Book, 1902, July to December

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Newton School Log Book for period July 1902 to December 1902


Headmaster, Mr William Morgan (from 1883)
Assistant Teacher of Infants, Miss Rosa Lloyd
Sewing Mistress, Mrs R. Morgan
Monitoress, Margaretta Price on 20th January 1899
Monitoress, Celia Cole from 29 May 1899
Mr Wm. Shaw (Rhyd-d-bach), member of School Board and regular visitor
First record of visit by H.H. Wood (‘Squire’ of Whitehouse) on 11th October 1895
School Attendance Officer (temporary), Mr W. Jenkins
H.M. School Inspector, J.H.Wylie


24th & 25th   November 1902. School Board to take proceedings against Charles Prosser of the Gilva, Newton, for the non-attandance of his children. Mr Morgan reports that in the school year Beatrice Prosser, age 8, made only 77 attendances out of possible 184 and son D. Prosser aged 6-7 years made 77 attendances out of possible 184.



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