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Memories of my School Days by Brian Jones

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When did you go to Newton school?

I went in 1942 to1948.

Where did you live and who?

I lived with my parents and brother at Upper House Lower Maescoed.

How did you get to school?

I would walk across the field with Sam and Milwyn Williams we would meet up with Percy Price at the Celyn road and all walk together.

Who was your teacher?

Mary Cole, Miss Willetts, Mrs. Crowte later Mrs. Van Caille and Mr. Bosley.

What did you do through your school day?

We had gas masks which we had to carry with us, we would sit at the
wooden desk, we had tables every morning, if we were naughty we would get the ruler across our knuckles, we had drill out in the yard but if it was raining we had it in the class room. I use to enjoy wood work, Ivor Jones use to take us for it and he always told us to leave the line on the piece you want.

Mr. Tubby would come at the end of the day and I remember being asked by him where I was on a certain day, I told him I was at home helping with the threshing, he told me I would have a thrashing if I did not go to school.

What did wear to school?

I always remember drying my coat on the fireguard by Mrs. Pritchard.

What did you have for lunch?

We took sandwiches until the school dinners came from Longtown, we also had milk that came from Mr. Grundy at Wayne Herbert, also water from the pump. At lunchtime the boys would go down to the quarries and Dick Jenkins would come by and give us a lift back to school on the motor bike.

Can you remember any local events or any thing about your school days?

Dick Jenkins would line us up and take photos of us, I always remember the black cloth. Ivor Jones the carpenter would do some conjuring when we had socials at the school.

Brian left Newton at 11years to go to school at Ross.


This contribution from Brian Jones, January 2003

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