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Marriage settlement, ? February 1683 (35th year of Charles II)

John Lewis of Doore, Co Hereford, yeoman.
Thomas Prosser of St.Margarets, co Hereford, tanner
William Prosser of same, tanner and William Lewis of same, yeoman.

Consideration; Marriage between John Lewis and Margery, one of the daughters of Thomas Prosser and £100 marriage portion.

Messuage or tenement with apps. in Clodock where Phillip Lewis now dwells.

close of arable, 4 acres, between said tenement and common called Maescoed
2 parcels pasture, 6 acres, next to the lane from Maescoed to house of Sarah and Thomas Greege.
2 meadows, 8 acres, adjoining a brook running from Maescoed to the Dulas Brook.
1 parcel arable, 10 acres, called Cae Mawr lying between above 2 meadows and the Dulas Brook
meadow, 2 acres, between Cae Mawr  and the Dulas Brook.
2 closes arable, 16 acres, between Cae Mawr  the Dulas Brook and the land of Sarah Greege.
1 parcel arable, 3 acres, lying on the lane from Maescoed  to the house of Sarah Greege.

To hold to (3 above) to use of Lewis and his wife for lives, for jointure of Margery and to their heirs. To hold of the Chief Lord in fee by usual rents and services.

Lewis has right to charge half of the estate with sums not exceeding £80 for use of younger children being half marriage portion. To Prosser in event of Margery dying without issue within 5 years of marriage.



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