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Calendar of the Hereford Cathedral Muniments


Grant of Land

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Between: 1 Walter Caudecot; 2 Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima;

Grant in fee-farm in consideration of sixty marks, of all his land in Neuton [Newton] namely two carrucates of land in the land of Mascoit [Maescoed] above the water of Dules [?Dulas] between the rough [?red] way and the way Ithel, namely along ‘la Redehull’ as it extends near the lands of Hugh son of Ragon in Nethebacha and near the land of Ivor son of Kerner and near the land of Kedivor son of Dacan and the land of Cradoc the physician and of Kenewret de Gradestone namely eight acres of dominus Walter de Lacy in Nethebache. Also two bovates of land in Mascoit lying near the said land which the grantor acquired of dominus Walter de Lacy in Mascoit between the land of Cradok the clerk and Dules extending from the way called Ithel Way towards the West. Also the right to make a pond and a mill above the water of Dules.

Rent one hundred shillings annually at two specified terms


Latin; copy dated 14th century

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