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1674, 1839


Volume, Minutes of the Meetings of the Commissioners of Charitable Users
 (under statue of 43 Eliz. 1675 – 1676)

1839 - Report of the Charities Commissioners, Price’s Hospital Hereford

By indenture 10th July 1636

From James Rodd of Hereford, surviving trustee of William Price
To High Davyes, Clerk and Chaplain of Price’s Hospital

Mansion House and Chapel in street without Eigne Gate called Above Eigne
 in suburbs of Hereford.
Messuage called Tee Waine Herbert with all houses, buildings and gardens.
[Lands as below, note the ancient field names]

close, arable

Teere Coed

2 acres

close, pasture

Waine Herbert

9 acres

close, arable & pasture


9 acres

close arable, pasture, wood

Cadgar wissa

16 acres

close arable, pasture, wood

Cae Pulgh

10 acres

close, arable

Cae Baugh

4 acres

meadow in 2 parts

Gworlod Heere

15 acres

parcel of wood, ground lying in same
 meadow then lately enclosed from same


5 acres

close of arable, meadow, pasture
 and wood

Gwerney Naynte

20 acres

All of which are situated in the Township of Newton, Parish of Clodock

Messuage called Lindy with outhouses, orchard, meadows, water and woods in the Parish of Clodock

All (2+3) in occupation of James Rodd or his under tenants
(some other properties outside Clodock are mentioned)

Mr Fosbrook’s Survey of June 1837

Wainherbert [Wain Herbert] Estate consists of 88a.1r.2p. Valued at £44 per annum. In the occupation of James Lewis as yearly tenant at a rent of £37-16s and includes property called Lindy or Llyndu


printed copy 1839, original 1674


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