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Schedule of Title Deeds, Newhouse

Place name:

Newton in Clodock


1700’s, 1800’s


A schedule of the Title Deeds and writings relating to a Freehold Messuage Farm and Lands called the Newhouse situate in the Parish of Clodock in the County of Hereford.
34 items

Item 1,
29th & 30th January 1702, Lease and Release between
1st  Part, Howell Watkins and Elizabeth his wife
2nd Part, Sarah Jennings, spinster
3rd Part, Job Powell and Alice his wife
4th Part, Rachael Jennings, spinster
5th Part, Thomas Williams and Susannah his wife
6th Part, Thomas Harper and Hugh Pugh

Item 2
Easter term, 2nd Anne, Extract of Fine
Thomas Harper and Hugh Pugh, Plaintiffs
Howell Watkins and Elizabeth his wife, Sarah Jennings, Job Price and Alice his wife, Rachael Jennings, Thomas Williams and Susannah his wife, Deforciants.

Item 3
31st March 1703, Indenture
1st Part, Sarah Jennings
2nd Part, Rachael Jennings, spinster
3rd Part, John Worthington, Attorney and H Pugh

Item 4
7th and 8th June 1728, Lease and Release
1st Part, Samuel Watkins
2nd Part, Mary Edmunds widow of John Edmunds and Mary Edwards daughter of John Edwards
3rd Part, Rowland Jennings and James Parry

Item 5
28th January 1755. Will of said Samuel Watkins

Item 6
19th October 1766. Administration of the goods of the said Samuel Watkins the son.

Item 7
3rd June 1769, Will of Nathaniel Watkins of the City of Bristol

Item 8 & 9
1st and 2nd August 1785. Lease and Release
1st Part, Sl. Partridge and George Fownes, devisees named in the will of said Nathaniel Watkins deceased
2nd Part, Ann Watkins widow and relict of said N Watkins, and the said N Watkins the son and Susannah the wife of said Nathaniel Watkins
3rd Part, Richard Hankins Gent and Rachael his wife
4th Part, Walter Marsh, Gent
5th Part, Thomas Walsh, mercer
6th Part, William Partridge, iron monger and William Lucy, maltster

Item 10
Trinity term 26 Geo 3rd. Chirograph of Fine
between said William Partridge and William Lucy plaintiffs and Nathl. Watkins and Susannah his wife deforciants.

Item 11
23rd April 1780, Will of John Watkins belonging to His majesty’s Ship Invincable

Item 12,
16th August 1791, Release (lease missing)
1st part, said Saml. Partridge
2nd Part Nathaniel Watkins and Cath[?] Watkins widow
3rd Part, John Powell yeoman
4th Part, John Green Gent

Item 13
16th August 1791,copy indenture
1st Part, Walter Marsh, Gent
2nd Part, said Samuel Partridge
3rd Part,James Welsh, mercer
4th Part, William Watkins, yeoman
5th Part, said Nathl Watkins
6th Part, Thomas Wale
7th Part, said John Powell
8th Part, said John Green
9th Part, Amos Jones

Item 14
24th December 1785, Will of said Richard Hankins

Item 15
19th March 1795, Indenture
1st Part, Samuel Powell, husbandman
2nd Part,John Jones, gentleman of Llanon

Item 16
10th April 1798, Indenture
1st Part, said Samuel Powell and Mary his wife
2nd Part, said John Jones

Item 17
Easter term 38 Geo 3rd, Chirograph of Fine
said John Jones is plaintiff and Samuel Powell and his wife Mary deforciants

Item 18
16th June 1808, Will of said Samuel Powell

Item 19
7th and 8th February 1812,  Indenture of Release (Lease missing)
1st Part, said Samuel Powell the son, yeoman and Mary Powell, widow
2nd Part, John Jones, Gent of Ploughfield and John Jones the younger of same place, Gent

Item 20
30th December 1814, Indenture of assignment
1st Part, said John Jones the elder and John Jones the younger
2nd Part, said Samuel Powell
3rd Part, Thos Llanwarne, Gent

Item 21
30th and 31st December 1814, Indenture of Release
1st Part, said Samuel Powell son and heir of Saml. Powell which Samuel Powel the father was eldest son  and heir of Nathl Powell
2nd Part, said John Jones the elder
3rd Part, James Preece , yeoman

Item 22
Hilary Term 55 Geo 3rd, Indenture of Fine
between John Jones, Plaintiff and Saml. Powell, Deforciant

Item 23
[?]th May 1816, Indenture of Demise
1st Part, John Jones of Billingsby
2nd Part, Charles Bodenham, Robert Phillips and John Garret esquire, Bankers

Item 24
4th June 1817, Indenture of demise
1st Part, John Jones late of Ploughfield  but now of Billingsby
2nd Part, said John Jones of Llanow

Item 25 & 26
4th and 5th June 1818, Indenture of Lease and Release.
1st Part, John Jones of Llanow
2nd Part, said Charles Bodenham, Robert Phillips, and John Garrett
3rd Part, said John Jones of Billingsley
4th Part, said John Garrett and Francis Lewis Bodenham
5th Part, said Charles Bodenham
7th Part Thomas Bird, Gentleman

Item 27
19th July 1821, Indenture
1st Part, said William Chislioline
2nd Part, said John Chislioline
3rd Part, said Richard John Tucker
4th Part, said Richard Wilson
5th Part, said John Humble
6th Part, said James Parry Miller and Anna his wife
7th Part said Charles Bodenham
8th Part,said Thomas Jay esquire
9th Part, said Jno James
10th Part, said Francis Lewis Bodenham

Item 28 & 29
9th & 10th December 1816 Indenture of Lease and Release,
1st Part, Jas Cranstone and Samual J[?] Harris
2nd Part, Jno Powell
3rd Part, Saumel Church [?]

Item 30 & 31
15th & 16th August 1827, Indentures of Lease and Release
1st Part, Charles Thomas Bodenham only son and heir at Law of the said Charles Bodenham.
2nd Part,John Powell of the Newhouse, Gent Farmer
3rd Part, Philip Price, Gent

Item 32
17th August 1827, Indentute of Appointment and Demise
1st Part, said John Powell
2nd Part, Samual Carleys of City of Hereford Gent
being a mortgage for securing £1200 and interest

Item 33
18th August 1827, Indentures of Asignment
1st Part ,said Thomas Jay
2nd Part, said John James
3rd Part, said Francis Lewis Bodenham
4th Part, said Thomas Bird
5th Part, said Charles Thomas Bodenham
6th Part,said John Powell
7th Part, said Samual Carleys
8th Part, said William Ravenhill, esq.
9th Part,said Charles Holloway
10th Part, John Parry, grocer
11th Part,Thomas Hardwick, Gentleman

Item 34
5th June 1817, Deed of covenant from John Humble Esq. for he production of Title Deeds.


The 34 items are in a bundle under the same reference

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