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Act of Parliament for enclosing the Common of Middle Maescoed

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Newton, St Margarets




An Act of Parliament was passed in 1816 for the enclosure of the Common of Middle Maescoed in the township of Newton in the Parish of Clodock.

Edmund Thomas Lewis was named as Lord of the Manor of Ewyas Lacy. Edmund Thomas Lewis, Walter Marsh, and John Sherburne and divers other persons as Owners and Proprietors.

James Cranstone of Kingsacre and Samuel Joseph Harris of Hereford to be Commissioners.

The printed Act has 21 pages, the first three paragraphs are shown below.


Since the common also extended into St Margarets Parish a similar and parallel Act was also passed. Here Edmund Thomas Lewis is named Lord of the Manor of Ewyas Lacy and William Wood Lord of the Manor of Jenkin ap Pritchard. The principle Owners and proprietors in the St Margarets part being Sir Hungerford Hoskins, George Cornwall and William Wood. The same commissioners are used. Apart from the first three paragraphs both of the printed Acts are identical in their wording and provisions.




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Ref: gc_nwt_2051