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Snodhill papers


Jenings [Jennings] family of Newhouse in Newton, Clodock

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Newton, Clodock





F94/II/53, 16 Jan 1636 (1636/7)

Thomas Jenings of Newton, yeoman, is bound to Rowland Jenings of the same, tanner, in £80 for performance of covenants in indentures of equal date.


F94/II/54, 2 Dec 1637

1. John Watkin of Peterchurch, yeoman and Elinor his wife.
2. Rowland Jenings of Clowdock [Clodock], yeoman.
Consideration: £12
Messuage in which John and Elinor live and a garden and three several closes adjoining 4 acres in the township of Hinton, Peterchurch.


F94/II/55, December 13 Charles (1637)

Feoffment, (Mortgage)
1. Rowland Jenings of Clowdock [Clodock], yeoman.
2. John Watkin of Peterchurch, yeoman.
Messuage in which John Watkin now lives and also one garden and three several closes of arable land and pasture adjoining 4 acres in Peterchurch, which Rowland Jenings lately purchased of the said John Watkin and Elinor his wife. Subject to redemption by payment of £12 to the first party on 10 Dec. 1640 or on 10 Dec. 1643 or on 10 Dec., 1646 or on 10 Dec. 1649: or by payment of 19 shillings on every 9 Dec. until the sum of £12 be fully paid, the payment to be made at Rowland Jenings' dwelling house in Clowdock [Clodock].


F94/II/250, 30 October 1661

(1) Johan Jenings of Newton in Clodock, spinster.
(2) Thomas Jenings of Morehampton [Abbeydore], yeoman, her nephew.
All right etc. in parcel of land, meadow, i.e. close called Gwayen Goy Vagh 4 acres a meadow called Gworlod Gwayn Goy containing 2 days math of hay, one other close called Gwayne Goy Voya 6 acres and one barn or cottage lately erected upon the premises in Newton, lately purchased by Rowland Jenings the elder of Newton decd. from one Morgan Thomas Powell.
And all those two acres of land called Randyroth in Michaelchurch Esclye and two closes of pasture 19 acres in Peterchurch lately purchased by Rowland Jenings from Thomas Jenings his natural brother.
All that messuage and garden and three parcels arable adjoining 4 acres in Peterchurch and lately purchased by Rowland Jenings from one John Watkyns.


Marriage Settlement leases and releases

F94/II/77-82, 11 July 1662

1. William Prosser of Snowdle, gent, and Alice his wife, John Prosser, his son & heir Esay Prosser of Peterchurch, tanner, and Thomas Prosser of St. Margarets, tanner.
2. Thomas Carpenter of Chilston and Thomas Jennings of Newhouse, Clodock, tanner.
3. Phillipp Carpenter, spinster, sister of Thomas Carpenter.
Consideration: The marriage to be had between John Prosser and Phillipp Carpenter and of £400, as her marriage portion and for providing Phillipp's marriage portion and making provision for Alice Prosser.
The first party grant to the second party, the manor of Snowdle, the Castle of Snowdle and messuages, viz. one in which Henry Phillpott gent, formerly dwelt, messuage in which William Prosser now dwells, messuage and tenement now in occupation of William Jenkins, messuage called Birds tenement, messuage formerly copyhold in which Nicholas Dargent sometimes dwelt and several other messuages in Snowdle now or late in the occupation of Roger David, Michaell Thomas Mabell James, John James and Margaret Miles, and several parcels of land called Cayreden in Peterchurch.
To the use of William Prosser until the marriage, and then as follows:-
The Manor, the Castle Henry Philpotts messuage and lands belonging together with the closes in orchards lying " fromwards" the house to the Castle, William Jenkins' messuage and the ground therto belonging to therewith purchased of William Jenkins by William Prosser and the lands lying between these so purchased having a stream running from West Lawne to Dorstons field, a brook or stream running from Dorstons Park to Dorstons Field, a parcel of meadow called the New Meadow, and a parcel of ground 1 acre lying open with a ground sometime called Gobbeet Gwyn on all sides thereof, the meadow called the New Meadow, the pasture called Gobbett Gwyn adjoining the lands of inheritance of Roger Vaughan, esq., on the west, together with the acre of ground lying open therewith: land and ground now divided into three parts called the Stonyfield and Stonyfield meadow, pasture ground called Gattymore Leasowe pasture ground lying between Gattymore Leasow and Stonyfield a pasture called Hancoks Close, three several parcels of pasture at a place called Forthlace on the north of the highway from Dorston to Peterchurch the one half as it is now set out being the east part of a parcel of meadow ground 10 acres in Peterchurch Great Meadow, the messuage in which Nicholas Dargent lived and the three several closes of land lying below the Foolway in Snowdles Field leading from Snowdle to Peterchurch. All those parcels of land lying in Westlawne Field between the husbandry way leading through the same field and Dorstons Field: certain parcels of wood ground and arable land called the Old Hill and Little Beddowe Pyers and Great Beddow Pyers: one parcel of old land 8 acres in Snowdles Field and belonging to the said house formerly in the occupation of William Meredith: the houses or cottages now in the possession of Mabell James, Roger David, Michaell Thomas, and Margaret Miles. To the use of John Prosser and Phillipp Carpenter and the heir of the body of Phillipp by John, with remainder to the use of William Prosser. The residue of the lands and premises not so limited are to the use of William Prosser and Alice his wife for the term of their lives remainder to the heirs of the body of John Prosser or the body of Phillipp and in default of such, to the use of Phillipp for her life and then to the use of William Prosser and his heirs.
And Counterparts etc.




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