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Private Collection




Original Document


Will of [John] Phillips

Place name:

Michaelchurch Escley




Will dated 18th February 1908. Testator’s name is not stated but appears to be a Mr Phillips.


Beneficiaries: Helen Jane Watkins now known as Helen Jane Phillips of Coed Robin, Michaelchurch Escley, to receive all property but if she remarries, then on her death, to children Rose Mary and Thomas Charles Phillips; shares inherited from mother, to Helen Jane Watkins and on her death to children Rose Mary and Thomas Charles.


There is a statement that the Testator does not want Coed Robin to be sold and that if Rose Mary and Thomas Charles reach 24, the property is to be divided between them and Helen Jane Watkins and on her death, her share to be divided between the children.


Executors: Thomas Palmer of Craswall and David Prosser of the Glibes, Michaelchurch Escley.


Witnesses: Samuel Jones and William [????] Morgan.


Inventory: no


Will proved: not known


Bond: no


Other papers: no



A John Phillips is shown in Kelly’s Directories for 1895 and 1905 as occupying Coed Robin.

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Ref: tg_mic_0119