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Will of Jenkyn Madye, Yeoman: Summary of Principal Provisions and Beneficiaries

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Michaelchurch Escley




When Jenkyn Madye died in 1604 he was the occupant of a substantial farm in the Upper Escley Valley known today as Pikes Farm. His will is unusual for the time, in that it includes a very detailed and extensive range of bequests to family and other [presumably] local people. These include details of all the livestock on the farm, agricultural implements, domestic furnishings and household goods as well as names of individual fields and properties. This data gives useful insights not only into the farming practices of the time, but also important clues as to family relationships and the names of other local residents. The principal provisions and beneficiaries of the will are summarised below:


Notes on the Will of Jenkin Madye 4th July 1604              Tony Gray September 2006


Jenkyn Madye of Michaell Church Eskly yeoman


To mother Margerie ap Thomas –

the moyetie or one half of my messuage tenement & lands for her life called Kay yr ffylo, Kay Gerrelde, Kay Garrow, Kay yr Lloweddroge, Kay Lloyde, Kay Kiddrigh, Kay Croone;

the moyetie of all tithes I hold by the grant of John Arnold Esq for certain years yet unexpired;


To wife Elizabeth ap Thomas –

the other moyetie of the foresaid messuage for her life [Kay yr Lloweddroge left out];

the moyetie of my myll [not mentioned before; modern traces suggest a small water grist mill] with profits and commodities thereof arising;

the moyetie of the before mentioned tithes;

my household stuff except the bedstead wherein I now lye – best brazen pann and brazen pott and all table boordes, benches and fourmes and one fetherbedde, one brazen pott and one brasse panne;

all instruments of husbandrie [listed]


If mother should die before wife, then all goes to wife.


To mother and wife, all my corne and graine in my howse and barn with my cheese and butter and all other provisions. Plus all haye, strawe and fodder. All woole to wife.


To nephewe Thomas Powell –

all my lands & tenements except Lloyne y Wayne, after death of mother and wife;

all the messuages lands and tenements in Crasshould late in tenure & occupacion of William William Price Griffith by the demise & grant of Nicholas Havard gent. for many years yet enduring subject to WWPG having the right to buy the lease for £168.


To mother and wife, the reversion of a lease of lands and messuage called Lloyne y Wayne [this is Tyuchaf see HRO J91/4] to the survivor of them and if they die before the lease expires, then to Thomas Powell my executor. The rent to the chief lord of the manor is £6pa but 40s pa is also due to John Harrye Watkin and David William William Price, both to be paid by mother/wife unless JHW and DWWP die, when they keep the 40s, or Thomas Powell keeps it.


Liverie cloake is given to Walter George the harper.


Thomas Powell, nephew, is appointed sole executor.


Debts due upon the Testator; [£196 9s 9d]


James Price Parry gent £66

Phillippe John Lewes £22

Roger Powell £22

nephewe Thomas ap Powell £44

clerke George Phillips £13 4s

John ap John Kilbard £12 with interest

Thomas Morgan £5 10s

Howell Thomas Powell £3 10s

Thomas John Goghe £6 10s

Harry William Nicholl £3

Thomas Prosser 20s

Rowlande Vaughan Esq 15s 9d


Three salt kyne given to William Phillippe, William & William Howell was towards payment of £5 10s to Thomas Morgan and 15s 9d to Rowlande Vaughan Esq.

The 37 weathers left to Thomas Powell are towards payment due to Elenor ap Ievan of £11.


Debts due to the Testator; [£41 10 1d]


John, Thomas & William Seburne £17 6s 8d

Watkin Harrie Richard 33s 4d

Thomas Lane & Simon Williams 40s

William Watkin ap Ivan & Miles Whitney £4

Roger Turner 5s

Richard & John Pierce £8

Roger, Thomas & James Ball £5 to deliver 30 bushells of rye for mother/wife

Meredith Reece David Getting 13s 6d for 3 bushells barlie malt at 2s 8d, 1 bushell wheate at 4s & 2 bushells rye at 2s 10d from Mistress Walweyn and Mistres Rogers

William John William 40s

Thomas John William 11s 7d





George Pittes clerke William John John Watkins William Powell Thomas Phillippe Jenkin ap John Margarett vergh Howell with others Thomas Morris clericus.


Proven at Canterbury 7th August 1604




A full transcript of the will of Jenkyne Madye is available here.

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