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Urishay Castle and Estate: Papers of Delahay family relating to various properties primarily in Manor of Clothy Hopkin.

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Michaelchurch Escley


1389 - 1881


Urishay Castle and Estate Papers are filed under reference W85. The following extracts from the Catalogue relate to property or people in Ewyas Lacy Hundred and are listed in date order rather than Catalogue order.


The Delahay Estate comprised the Manors of Urishay, Wellbrook, Trenant and Clothy Hopkin each of which exhibit spelling variations. Only Clothy Hopkin and part of Urishay, lay within Ewyas Lacy in the parishes of Michaelchurch Escley and St Margarets.



Gift (13th January 1389)
1)   John de la Hay, lord of Urishay
2)   Walter ap Howel
Parcel of land called Oldeheye [Old Hay], stretching from Walter’s house to Holbrokesford, and from land of William Syllas to land of Jevan Rygel, and one messuage enclosed by boundary markers, (enclosed from common land).
Walter to pay 2s 6d pa with all usual dues including suit of court.
Walter to enclose his fields, and pasture his beasts in the common pasture, viz. 12 steers and 12 cows, 2 horses and 40 sheep.
Witnesses: John Henry, John Millies, John Wodman and others.
Given at Hay Urry, Wednesday next after Epiphany 10 Richard II.
(Document is faded and partly illegible.)


Gift, 6 November, 20 Henry VIII [1528]

1)   Thomas Delahay, son and heir of Urry Delahay gent., deceased, Lord of the Manors of Worryshaye and Clothye Hopkyne of Ewias Lacy in co. Herefs.
2)   John Davis, rector of Branton co. Herefs. Gilbert Prince of Branton co. Herefs., and Agnes Harley, late the relict of James ap Rees.
From 1) to 2) the said 2 manors of Worryshaye and Clothye Hopkyns, to hold of the chief lord in fee by rents and services, to use of heirs of Thomas and Agnes.
Witnesses: Thomas Vaughan, George Wallwyn, and Richard ap Robert.



Gift, 12 May 12 Eliz 1 [1570]
1)   Thomas Urry Delahaye and Richard Delahaye, gents
2)   William Harry Lloid
1 messuage or tenmt. and lands belonging in Clothyhopkin co. Herefs and Common of pasture in the common of Urrieshaye.
6s 8d and two capons at Christmas. Second best beast as heriot and suit of court.



Marriage Settlement, 8 September 34 Eliz 1 [1592]
1)   Walter Delahay of Urishay al. Hay Urie co. Herefs. gent
2)   Thomas Harley of Brampton Brian, co. Herefs. esq., Paul Delahay of Huntlow, co. Herefs. esq., Nicholas Garnons of Moorton, co. Herefs. gent., Roger Vaughan of Hynton, co. Herefs. gent., and John Bridgman of the Inner Temple London, gent.
Consideration: marriage between Walter and Mary, sister of Paul Delahay.
Now 1) to convey to 2):
Castle or Manor of Urishay with all lands etc, belonging. Manors of Trilleshope al. Trenant and Clothy Hopkyn co. Herefs with 2 water mills and all other houses lands etc belonging. Remainder of the Manor of Wilbrooke al. Wirkbroke with farm called The Deyry in Michaelchurch Eskley w. all lands etc belonging.
To hold in to Trust as follows:
Urishay Castle for use of Walter for life, then to Mary for life, with remainders to Walter, first son, and heirs, Paul, second son, and heirs, and other children and their heirs successively.
Remainder of property to Walter and heirs, with right for any person so appointed by will of Walter, to take sum not exceeding £500 from the estate.



Attached: Deed of Gift 2 March 35 Eliz 1 [1593]
Walter Delahay to trustees as above, making settlement of estate as above, but including a life interest for Anne, mother of Walter, in Wilbrooke Manor and farm called Le Deyrye.




Copy will proved 2 August 1643
Paul Delahay of Urishay al. Hay Urry.
To cousins and friends Roger Vaughan of [?Abdahonne] Brecon, John Delahay of Alterennis [Alltyrynys] co. Herefs, William Lewis of Peterchurch, Margaret testator’s wife, and Thomas his son and heir.
Manor of Urishay with all lands and apps: Manor of Trilleshope al. Trenant; Manor of Willbrooke; Manor of Clothy Hopkin, and all belonging thereto. In Trust to pay legacies as follows:
Daughter Mary £200
Daughter Frances £100
Daughters Elizabeth, Eleanor and Margaret £100
Also in trust to pay off the mortgage on The Deyry, which property is to pass to son Thomas, after a life interest to sons Walter and Paul.
Personal debts (listed) to be paid.
Proved 1643.



Marriage Settlement 22 October 1676.
1)   David Smyth of Craswall, Clodock co. Herefs gent. and Beatrix his wife.
2)   John Smyth of Craswall, gent. son and heir of 1).
3)   Thomas Bowyer of Luntley, Dilwyn co. Herefs gent., Thomas Gower of Monkland, gent., and Thomas Smyth of Dorstone gent.
Consideration: Marriage between John Smith and Mary Bowyer, one of daus of John Bowyer of Luntley dec.
Now 1) to 3)
Three parts of house in Crasswall [Craswall Court] where 1) lives, with lands and buildings belonging; moiety of Mess. or tenmt. in Llanveynoe, with all houses and lands belonging; all that messuage and 30a called Wern ycha in Michaelchurch Eskley; close of meadow called Pontwens lands in Vowchurch; moiety of Ash Meadow (5a) and of a close of arable (5a) both lying on the road from Peterchurch to Hay.
To hold property in Craswall, Llanveynoe and Michaelchurch Eskley to use of David Smyth and wife for lives, and thereafter to John Smyth wife and heirs.
To hold Pontwens land to use of John and Mary and heirs.
To hold other lands to use of David and wife, and thereafter to John and heirs.
Provisions for payment of annuity to Mary.


W85/15 & 16

Marriage Settlement, 30/31 July 1694
1)   Thomas Delahay of Urishay al. Hay Urrie gent
2)   John Delahay of Urishay, s & h of 1)
3)   Richard Hopton of Kington esq. and Paul Williams of Hereford gent.
4)   John Watkins of Michaelchurch Eskley gent. and Michael Brampton of Canon Frome gent.
Consideration: marriage between John Delahay and Deborah, dau of Sarah Hopton of Canon Frome widow and sum of £1,000, of which £760 to be satisfied by grant to Thomas of two water mills and lands in Canon Frome, Ashperton and Stretton Grandison and £240 to be paid in cash.
Now 1) to 2):
Castle or Manor of Urishay with all apps., Manor of Trilleshope al. Trenant, Wilbrook and Clothy Hopkin.
Farm called the Deyry.
[other property mentioned outside Ewyas Lacy] and all other land in Peterchurch, Michaelchurch Eskley, Vowchurch, St Margarets and Hinton.
To hold in trust for John, Deborah and male heirs with provision for jointure for Deborah.
Provision for payment to younger children.



Marriage Settlement, 31 July 1694.
Counterpart of Release of above.



Marriage Settlement 7 October 1709
1)   James Smith sen. of Wilbrooke, Peterchurch, gent., Bridget his wife and James Smith jun. their son and heir app., and Bridget Smith jun. their dau.
2)   Elizabeth Symes of Stoke Bliss co. Herefs widow.
3)   Mathew Clarke of Grendon Bishop gent., and William Rogers of Craswall gent.
Consideration: Marriage of James Smith jun, and Elizabeth Symes dau of Mathew Clarke and sum of £200.
[abbreviated to reflect items relevant to Ewyas Lacy]
Now 1) to 3): three parts of a farm in Craswall [Craswall Court]; moiety of farm in Llanveynoe; farm and 30a of land called Wernytha in Michaelchurch Eskley.
To hold for use of Smith, wife and heirs, with provision for payment of various annuities.



Mortgage 1 June 1711
1)   John Delahay of Hay Urry, Peterchurch co. Herefs esq. and Deborah his wife, Thomas Delahay of Willbrooke co. Herefs (son and heir of Walter Delahay of Michaelchurch esq. and Katherine his wife dec. which Katherine was dau. and heir of Hugh Powell of Craswall dec.)
2)   Thomas Howard of Vowchurch co. Herefs gent. and William Rogers of Craswall co. Herefs gent.
3)   John Maddocks of Abbeydore gent.
£140. 1) to 2) farms called Mayrduy [Maerdy] and Lloyne Rosser [Lower Llanrosser] in Michaelchurch Eskley.
500 years. Covenant to levy a fine. 



Assignment of Mortgage, 22 March 1717.
1)   John Maddocks of Abbeydore co. Herefs gent.
2)   Thomas Delahay of Willbrooke, Peterchurch co. Herefs gent.
3)   Thomas Blount of Hereford butcher.
Reciting mortgage above. New mortgage assigned to 3).
Attached: Abstract of Title 1711-1717.



Copy Lease 3 November 1724.
1)   John Delahay of Urishay Castle, Peterchurch esq.
2)   Evan Jones of Michaelchurch Eskley co. Herefords corviser.
Consideration: surrender of earlier lease and sum of £3. House and lands now in occ. of 2) lying between the highway to the Hay on W. side, the way to Urishay mountain called Hewley Moch Dyon on E, Clothy land on N.
99 yrs at £2 10s 0d and a couple of fat hens.
Jones to erect all necessary buildings, Delahay providing the timber.



Will and Probate 15 May 1725
John Delahay of Peterchurch co. Herefs esq.
All houses and lands in wife’s jointure, to her for life, and thereafter to son Thomas Delahay and heirs male, and for want of issue to testator’s cousin, Jonas Berrington and heirs. All chief rents and profits of Manors of Urishay, Clothy Hopkin, Trilleshope and Willbroke to cousin, Thomas Delahay of Willbroke and heirs, together with farms called Oatley and Wilbroke. Tenemant called Brockwall and lands purchased by testator’s aunt, Mary Delahay, to wife for life, and thereafter to godson Thomas Delahay and heirs.
[Other property outside Ewyas Lacy]
Farm called The Old Hay [now in occupation of Thomas Lewis] and copyhold lands to nephew John Watkins and heirs male, or in default of such heirs to cousin John Delahay and heirs.
Rest of lands [and messuages] to cousin Thomas Delahay of Wilbroke charged with [bequests to various people including 40s to poor of St Margarets].



Copy Will dated 15 May 1725
John Delahay of Peterchurch as above.
Endorsed: “proved 19 March 1730 Deborah Delahay and Herbert Aubrey.”



Attested Copy of above will.



List of questions to be administered to witnesses appearing for Thomas Delahay gent., in a chancery case brought by Thomas and Jonas Berrington against Thomas Delahay, Deborah Delahay, widow, and Sarah Delahay.
Endorsed “Trinity 1726 Delahay versus Berrington. Duplicate interrogations. Not used”.
(The case seems to have been a dispute over the terms of the above will).



Lease and Release 19/20 November 1762.
1)   Chamberlain Davies of (blank) nephew and heir at Law of Pryce Davies late of Talgarth co. Brecon clerk dec.
2)   Michael Weaver of St Leonard, Shoreditch co. Middx victualler.
3)   Thomas Powell of Peterchurch co. Herefs gent.
4)   John Price of Michaelchurch Eskley co. Herefs gent.
Reciting earlier Deeds 1758-59, by which the undermentioned property was settled on the marriage of Thomas Powell and Hannah Smyth and immediately mortgaged for the sum of £500.
Now assignment to John Price of house and land in Craswall [Craswall Court] subject to mortgage.



Assignment 3 June 1772
1)   Isaac Donningthorne of Hereford clerk
2)   John Delahay of Urishay Castle co. Herefs esq. eldest son and heir at Law of Thomas Delahay of Wilbrook dec.
3)   Lacom Lambe of Hereford gent., John Cam of Hereford Doctor of Physic, and Thomas Clarke of Hereford gent.
4)   Rev. Charles Morgan of Hereford, clerk and Catherine his wife.
Reciting a series of mortgages of the below mentioned properties, 1711-1763, ending in assignments to Donningthorne
Now, assignment to 3) of farms called Oatley, Brockall and Penlan Peterchurch, and Mayrduy and Lloyne Rosser, Michaelchurch Eskley.



Copy will and probate, 27 November 1775
John Delahay of Poston, Vowchurch esq.
Leaving all castles lands etc ….. in Trust for testator’s son Thomas [subject to bequests].
Merdy [Maerdy] and Llyn Rosser [Lower Llanrosser] in Michaelchurch Eskley to son Thomas.
To Walter Harris sen. of Michaelchurch Eskely co. Herefs yeoman, 5gns to buy a mourning suit.
[Other provisions are included not affecting Ewyas Lacy].
Proved at Hereford, 1 November 1788.



Assignment 13 December 1777, of above mortgages to William Sharlock of Hereford gent.



Deed to advance interest 13 December 1784.
Reciting above mortgage; interest rate increased to 5%.



Assignment and Further Mortgage, 2 February 1789.
Reciting earlier mortgages as above.
Now Oatley Farm, Brockall, Penlan, Lloyne Rosser and Merdy are assigned to Thomas Downes and a further mortgage raised on them.




Assignment by Lease and Release 24/25 March 1791.
1)   John Exton of Michaelchurch Eskley co. Herefs yeo. and Hannah his wife (widow and sole executrix of John Price dec.)
2)   John Price of Longtown, Clodock gent., only son and heir and a deviser of John Price dec.
3)   John Prichard Parry of Abbeydore co. Herefs gent., and Richard Davies of Madley yeo.
4)   Hannah Powell of Peterchurch, widow and relict of Thomas Powell dec., formerly Hannah Smyth sp.
Reciting Deeds as above 1758-62 and further sums raised on the property.
Now the property [Craswall Court] is assigned to 3) subject to existing mortgages.



Assignment 16 February 1793.
1.   mortgage 1 June 1711 as above;
2.   series of further mortgages and assignments 1722-1777.
Now, Mayrduy Farm, Michaelchurch Eskley assigned to Ann Roberts of The Hill, Llanwarne widow, and Thomas Roberts of same, husbandman.



Assignment by Lease and Release 13 February 1796.
Reciting as above, property [Craswall Court] assigned to John Taylor of Mawfield, Abbeydore, husbandman.



Assignment and Further Mortgage, 1 September 1796.
Reciting earlier mortgages 1740-1789.
Now assignment to Casandra Woodhouse of The Hill, Walford widow of Oatley Farm, Brockall, Penlan and Lloyne Rosser, and further mortgage of £200 secured on same properties.



Assignment 5 August 1805.
Reciting Deeds from 1740 as above. Now properties assigned to Richard Holland of Madley co. Herefs.



Surrender of term 18 November 1810.
1)   Thomas Roberts of Llanwarne co. Herefs husbandman
2)   Thomas Delahay of Peterchurch esq.
Reciting Deeds 1711-1793 as above.
Now, in consideration of the sum of £500, Roberts surrenders to Delahay his mortgage term of 500 years in Mayrduy Farm, Michaelchurch Eskley.



Assignment by Lease and Release 18/19 June 1811.
Reciting as above, property [Craswall Court] assigned to George Reese of Penhow Castle co. Mon esq.



Assignment 10 February 1812.
Reciting Deeds from 1740 as above.
Now properties assigned to William Makeam of Hailstones Hill, Hereford esq.



Assignment by Lease and Release 1/2 December 1829.
Reciting: Deeds 1796-1811 as above; Will of Hannah Powell devising real estate to Magdalen Delahay of Peterchurch sp.; Will of Magdalen Delahay 1812, bequeathing real estates to George Reese for life, then to his son Thomas (now Thomas Delahay).
Property [inclu Craswall Court] assigned to William Havard Apperley of Church Withington co. Herefs gent., and Henry Jones Palmer of Liverpool surgeon.



Assignment 2 December 1845.
Reciting Deed of 1829 above. Property now called Craswall Court assigned to Francis Lewis Bodenham of Hereford gent.



Mortgage 12 August 1856
1)   Thomas Delahay of Urishay Castle co. Herefs esq.
2)   James Kemp Sturgeon of Dorking co. Surrey esq. and Owen Tickell Alger of Bedford Row co. Midx gent.
3)   William Blaymire and George Darby gents Inclosure Commissioners.
4)   William Legge of Upper North Place, Grays Inn Road gent.
1.   Previous mortgage and assignments of the Manors of Urishay and Clothy Hopkin 1849-1854 ending in assignment to 3) above
2.   Inclosure of Urishay common 1856 and allotment to Delahay and his mortgagees of certain parcels of land. Inclosure fees agreed to be paid by mortgage of said land.
Now therefore the land is mortgaged to Legge to raise the sum of £641 13s 9d. Inclosure fees. With schedule of allotments to Delahay.
Endorsed: Memorandum that in the above mortgage Legge was acting for Alger and Memorandum of sale of some of allotted parcels by Richard Delahay to Henry Jackson Torr in 1881.



Office Copy of Exchange Order under the Inclosure Acts, 2 April 1857.
Order for exchange of lands in Michaelchurch Eskley, between Thomas Powell and Thomas Delahay and his mortgagees. With plan.
[See tg_mic_0043 for details.]



Mortgage 31 December 1881
1)   Richard Delahay of Newport, co. Mon. esq.
2)   Daniel Pryce of Newport, colliery proprietor
£384 1s 9d
Parcels of land on Urishay Common in parishes of Michaelchurch Eskley and Peterchurch.
With plan of lands allotted to Delahay under the Urishay Inclosure 1855.
Endorsed: Assigned to John Jeffries of Raglan 20 January 1898.



Sale particulars, Urishay Castle Estate, 24 September 1913. With plans.
[See tg_ewy_0032 and gc_ewy_3130 for details]



To view copies of the full W85 Catalogue entries for Urishay Castle and Estate see gc_ewy_3380 .

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