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Old Charles Meadow, The Birches & Brighton Camp

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Michaelchurch Escley


1675 -1920




Old Charles Meadow & Birches from 1890 Indenture


Indenture 14th June 27th Charles 11 [1675].

Between Lewis Prichard of Michaelchurch Escley yeoman and William Prichard second son of Lewis Prichard of Michaelchurch Escley bachelor.

Consideration £20 to be paid 1 year following decease of Lewis Prichard to Elenor, one of the daughters of Lewis Prichard and £10 paid 2 years after decease to Johan, one other of daughters.

All that Messuage and Tenement lands meadow leasowes pasture woods and underwoods with their appurtenances in Michaelchurch Escley, now in the tenure and occupation of Charles Meredyth; to have and to hold unto William Prichard from and after the decease of Lewis Prichard for 999 years at a peppercorn rent.

[“Charles Meadow” is written in pencil on the exterior of the document]


Indenture 4th May 1713.

Between Richard Phillips of Hereford cooper and William Williams of Bristol, sope maker.

Recites 1675 Indenture - now late in the possession of one Charles Meredith; Lewis Prichard long dead; William Prichard came into possession and by his will dated 10th Feb 1711 bequeathed to Richard Phillips his lands, tenements & hereditaments in Michaelchurch Escley.

Consideration £40 from William Williams, Richard Phillips sells all that the aforesaid messuage or tenement now in the possession of Richard Phillips for the residue of the 999 year term.

[“Charles Meadow” is written in pencil on the exterior of the document]


Indenture 5th May 1802. Assignment of Leasehold Lands to secure £50.

Between Robert Francis of Michaelchurch Escley blacksmith and Thomas Watkins of Madley farmer.

Recites 1675 Indenture; by divers conveyances the lease is now with Robert Francis.

Robert Francis is now to borrow £50 on security of the land – “the said messuage …having been destroyed by fire during the life time of one Mary Williams a former owner thereof”.

The premises late in the possession of Charles Meredith since of John Harrison and now Robert Francis. Mortgage subject to redemption.

[“Charles Meadow” is written in pencil on the exterior of the document]


Indenture 13th September 1806. Assignment of Mortgage.

Between Thomas Watkins of Madley farmer; John Francis of Michaelchurch Escley blacksmith; William Griffiths of Hereford yeoman.

Recites 1675 & 1802 Indentures; notes Robert Francis since deceased and will dated 2nd April 1803 devised Old Charles Meadow to son John Francis and that he and wife Susannah were joint executors.

William Griffiths to advance £63 by way of mortgage subject to redemption.

Land now in the possession of Elizabeth Greenly, widow.


Indenture 15 December 1810. Assignment [of lease].

Between William Griffiths of Hereford yeoman; John Francis of Michaelchurch Escley blacksmith; Robert Francis of St Margarets, blacksmith.

Recites 1675, 1802 & 1806 Indentures.

Premises comprise “one … parcel of meadow or pasture called Charles Meadow” which John Francis has contracted to sell to Robert Francis for £111 out of which William Griffiths’ principal is to be paid.

Land late in possession of John Francis now in the possession of Robert Francis.





Conveyance 16th March 1839.

Between Catherine Watkins of Madley spinster, executrix of late Benjamin Watkins gent; Richard Francis of St Margarets labourer; Robert Francis of The Slough, St Margarets yeoman.

Recites 1810 Indenture noting that 1810 Robert Francis was the father of Robert Francis party hereto; an Indenture 13th July 1813 between Robert Francis the father and Benjamin Watkins wherein the lease was assigned for a mortgage of £70 subject to redemption.

Robert Francis the father by his will dated 23rd Nov 1837 [later stated as 1835] devised the land to his son Richard Francis subject to the mortgage; Robert Francis the father died 15th Nov 1836, will was proved 23rd Nov 1837.

Richard Francis in consideration of affection to his brother Robert party hereto now conveys the land to Robert subject to Robert paying £65 to redeem the mortgage with Catherine Watkins.


Conveyance 19th May 1848

Between Robert Francis of St Margarets yeoman and Richard Francis of St Margarets thatcher.

Recites 1810 Indenture noting 1810 Robert was father of Robert party hereto; 1813 & 1839 Indentures.

Richard to purchase residue of 999 yr lease on Old Charles Meadow from Robert for £95.

Land now in the possession of Richard Francis.


Indenture 2nd May 1853 [as set out in an Abstract of Title Sept 1890].

Between Richard Francis and Peter Warburton gent.

Recites that Richard Francis by virtue of an Indenture dated 8th May 1842 devised: “The Delling” of 1a, part of which was bought by Richard Francis of Joseph Pitt, then/late in the occupation of James Prosser having lands of Elizabeth Hatton and road from St Margarets to Hay on all parts and in St Margarets; The Birches, having Old Charles Meadow, Brighton Camp and Samuel Seabourne’s land on all parts; Old Charles Meadow for the residue of the 999 year lease; cottage where Wm Meredith did formerly inhabit plus garden and 2 acres in St Margarets then in the occupation of said Richard Francis, for residue of lease of 50 years from 10 Dec 1846 for lives of Margaret daughter of David Jones and Margaret his wife.

Mortgage for £200 subject to redemption.

Richard Francis became the tenant to Peter Warburton re the cottage at £4 pa.


Lease 21st September 1861 [standard form lease].

Between William Nevill Earl of Abergavenny; Richard Francis of St Margarets yeoman.

Lease of land nos 930, 939 & 940 on Tithe Map of Michaelchurch Escley and called The Birches and containing 3a 1r 30p; now in the occupation of Richard Francis but formerly by lease dated 29th Feb 1772 granted to Robert Francis.

Map in margin.

Term from date hereof for lives of Albert Prince of Wales, Prince Alfred and Prince Arthur.

Rent 3s plus 5s for a Heriot and 5s on alienation.


Will of Mr Richard Francis labourer of Garn Vach.

Dated 20 Jan 1885, died 11 Feb 1889, proved 8th Oct 1890; value £95.

To son Edward freehold land called Delyn, St Margarets, subject to mortgage.

To son Richard freehold land called Charles Meadow, Michaelchurch Escley also freehold house and land called Britons Camp, Michaelchurch Escley subject to mortgage and leasehold land called The Birches, Michaelchurch Escley.

To son Edmund freehold land called New Orchard St Margarets also freehold house and orchard called Crossways House, Michaelchurch Escley subject to mortgage.

Executors Edmund and Richard. Witnesses Llewellyn Blunt and Edwin Jones.

Richard Francis made mark.


Conveyance 8th August 1890.

Richard Francis of Garn Vach, Monmouth, roadman [the younger]. conveys the Birches to first parties to Nov 1890 Indenture.

Recites 1853 Indenture but notes that it was found after that the Birches was not held in fee simple by Richard Francis the father but was held on lease from Abergavenny which had expired; notes the new 1861 lease; notes Richard Francis the father’s will 20th Jan 1885 leaving the lease to son Richard Francis; father died 11th Feb 1889; £200 still owing.

Leasehold interest in the Birches now added to the security of 1853


Indenture 19th Nov 1890.

Between (1) Frederick Devereux of Essex chemist, Eleanor Marsh Williams of Hereford spinster and William Seward of Hereford chemist – all descendents of Peter Warburton;

(2) William Marquis of Abergavenny

(3) Rt Hon Gathorne Viscount Cranbrook and Hon Ralph Pelham Neville.

Recites a 2nd May 1853 mortgage from Richard Francis the elder to Peter Warburton regarding the property in the first schedule thereto and being the 1675 land [Charles Meadow] for £200; Richard Francis 1885 will whereby the Birches was devised to son Richard; Aug 1890 Conveyance – Richard was satisfied the mortgage exceeded the value of Charles Meadow, Birches had value of £36; Abergavenny succession and the “Act of Philip & Mary”.

Parties at (1) exercising mortgage sale powers and selling residue of Old Charles Meadow 999yr lease and surrendering the Birches lease to (3) for £125.

Schedule part 1 – Old Charles Meadow 4a 1r 12p now [1853] in occupation of William Francis; modern description is field no 946 on OS in occupation of William Christopher.

Schedule part 2 – the Birches, nos 948, 951 & 952 on OS in the occupation of William Christopher.


Deed Poll 2nd Feb 1891.

The residue of the 999 year lease on Old Charles Meadow was enlarged by Abergavenny to a fee simple.


Conveyance 3rd Feb 1891 (by way of Settlement).

Between Cranbrook and Nevill [as Nov 1890] and James Berry Walford of Abergavenny gent. The freehold of Old Charles Meadow was conveyed to JBW.


Conveyance 30th August 1907.

Between Thomas William Allen of Hereford gent and Thomas Palmer of Crasswall [Craswall] builder.

Recites Indenture 6th June 1885 between Caroline Bullock, Glegg Bullock and Thomas William Allen whereby TWA took a conveyance of the fee simple.

TWA has now agreed to sell to TP for £140.

All that messuage – known as Gwrlod Dan y ty 5 acres and Cae Dyth Law r ty also 5 acres in Michaelchurch Escley and commonly called Brighton or Briton Camp, formerly in the occupation of William Pearce and now William Prosser.


Conveyance 26th August 1919.

Between Thomas Palmer of Crasswall builder and William Prosser of Brighton Camp farmer.

TP sells to WP the Aug 1907 messuage for consideration of £250.


Indenture 28th July 1920.

Between Marquis of Abergavenny and others and William Henry Prosser of Brighton Camp farmer.

Consideration £400 for fee simple.

All those – land with old cottage in Michaelchurch Escley and St Margarets, whole 20a 3r 20p as per the First Schedule and Plan Attached otherwise Lots 87 & 88 [comprising Old Charles Meadow, the Birches, Canon Tump [inclu Powells] and land across road.]


It is said that “Bob’s shop”, the crossroads in Michaelchurch Escley, takes its name from one of the Robert Francis.



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