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Gwent Record Office


D.1583.4.20 - 21


Catalogue, Lord Abergavenny’s estates


Note re lease for lives

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Michaelchurch Escley




D.1583.4.20  Note Feb 26, 1800 (originally with 4.18,19)

By John Gilbert, re value of land in the lease and made at the request of Mr Jones with (overleaf) a copy of an agreement signed by William Harris, re granting of a lease (4.18,19) for the Pauk Lands on the same terms as was granted to Thomas Lewis.  W Harris’s father’s collecting rentbook said to state that £9/12/- was received of T Lewis for the land.  With postscript of 28 Feb 1800, by Samuel Lewis of par Michaelchurch Escley, declaring that he held the above lands under Thomas Smith of Michaelchurch who had rented them of Walter Harris and they include an area on both sides of the road.  Sent to RM Kinsey, esq, Abergavenny.

D.1583.4.21  Note, undated (originally with 4.18,19)

Re death of James Harris, the surviving life, in latter part of 1799, being buried at Michaelchurch.


See D.1583.4.18,19 for lease of 1740.

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