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Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalist’ Field Club, 1925


Guest Contribution: Bronze Axe Head

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Michaelchurch Escley


Bronze Age


In 1925 the occupier of Pucha Farm, Michaelchurch, found a Bronze Axe Head or Celt on land half way between the Pucha and Urishay Castle. This would have been in OS grid square ref SO 3137 It was reported to the winter meeting of the Woolhope Club by Mr G H Jack, was subsequently photographed by Alfred Watkins and deposited on loan with the Hereford Museum.



The axe head is of the winged type with strengthening rib. This pattern is quite late in the succession of Bronze Age axe types but not as late as the final socketted type



The development of Bronze Age axe heads is illustrated below. The problem was how to attach the head to a wooden haft and developments refined this feature. The point of attachment would have been bound with leather thongs but it remained the place of weakness with the wood often splitting and the haft needing frequent replacement.
Each design represents an improvement in strength and durability.


1. simple blade of head
set into plain handle

2. blade set into
stronger handle

3. winged blade


4. winged blade with
 reinforcement rib

5. socketted head
with eye for a thong

Illustrations from Cliffe Castle Museum

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