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Digital Images Collection: Photographs of Michaelchurch Court before World War I

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Michaelchurch Escley


c.1870 - 1910


Following the death of Charles Guy Trafford in 1879, Michaelchurch Court and the Estate passed to his second son, Henry Randolph Trafford – the eldest son Edward Guy [Ned] having been disinherited after running up substantial debts. Henry was in Ceylon engaged as a Tea Planter at the time of his father’s death, and did not return to live in Michaelchurch until1891. He died at Michaelchurch Court in 1910.


The photographs below are thought to be from this period.


The new wing at Michaelchurch Court c.1870, shortly after completion


The Courtyard and façade at Michaelchurch Court c. 1870

Entrance to the ‘Victorian Wing’ at Michaelchurch Court, designed by GF Bodley and built c.1867.


The ‘Victorian Wing’ at Michaelchurch Court viewed from the rear, with the tennis court in the foreground.

The front of Michaelchurch Court, c.1905. Dormer windows have been added to the old Wing.


The lake, with Michaelchurch Court in the background

The lady in the entrance drive of Michaelchurch Court, with the ‘Victorian Wing’ in the background may be either Clare Trafford [b. 1847], or Annie Trafford [b.1861]


The old North Wing at Michaelchurch Court [now demolished], showing how it joined the main house. The photograph probably dates to the late 1800’s

End view of the barn/ coach-house at Michaelchurch Court


The old ‘Black and White’ wing of Michaelchurch Court, c 1901, with Mrs BM Trafford [centre], Mrs Partridge with baby Clare Margaret Trafford, and Mrs Hamp

HR Trafford at Michaelchurch Court with his wife Bettina Maud, daughter Clare Margaret and baby son Randolph, c.1907


Randolph Trafford in front of the Victorian wing at Michaelchurch Court c.1912

At the front entrance to Michaelchurch Court. Names and date unknown


Randolph Trafford in the courtyard at Michaelchurch Court c.1912

In the grounds at Michaelchurch Court. Name and date unknown


In the grounds at Michaelchurch Court; names and date unknown

The Lodge/ Gatehouse at the bottom of Michaelchurch Court Drive. The occupants would have been servants or estate workers. Names and date unknown. [?c.1890]


In the grounds at Michaelchurch Court; name and date unknown

Horse in front of the stables at Michaelchurch Court. The man holding the horse is presumably a groom. The stone mounting block is no longer in evidence. Date unknown.


A Trafford family group on the steps at the entrance to the ‘Victorian wing’ at Michaelchurch Court. Names and date not known. May be Henry Trafford?

The gardens at Michaelchurch Court, looking East across the Escley valley


Lionel James Trafford; portrait c.1880

Wedding cake at the reception for HR Trafford and Bettina Maud Trafford [nee Partridge] 1899


Henry Randolph Trafford c.1860

Henry Randolph Trafford c.1908


HR Trafford

Henry Randolph Trafford


Henry Trafford with his daughter Clare Margaret at Michaelchurch Court c.1907

HR Trafford with his wife, family and others at Michaelchurch Court c.1907


Bookplate from Henry Trafford’s library at Michaelchurch Court *



Photographs with the kind permission of the Baxendale family.

* Bookplate image from internet at http://www.archive.org/details/basilschoolboyor00monriala

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