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Digital Images Collection: Photographs of Michaelchurch Court after World War 2

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Michaelchurch Escley


c.1945 - 1968


Following the death of Randolph Trafford in a flying accident in 1943, Michaelchurch Court and the Estate passed to his mother, Bettina Maud Capper. She in turn conveyed the entire property to her daughter, Clare Margaret, who had married Michael John Hunter in 1919. After her husband’s death in 1951, Mrs CM Hunter continued to live at Michaelchurch Court until she emigrated to Portugal in 1968, though the affairs of the Estate were largely in the hands of her son, Michael Henry Hunter during that time.


The photographs below are from this period.


Michaelchurch Court 1951: seated –Bettina Maud Capper; left to right - Michael Hunter [whipper-in], Margaret Hunter, Lindsey Hunter, Nurse Cunningham, Peter & Betty Sheppard [nee Hunter], Michael J Hunter [Master of Monmouthshire Hounds]


Michael Hunter at Michaelchurch Court with the Monmouthshire Foxhounds

Michael J Hunter at the Bridge Inn, Michaelchurch, leading the Monmouthshire Hounds


Michael H Hunter at a meet

Michael J Hunter with his sister


Michael H Hunter with the foxhounds

Michael Hunter


Michael J Hunter at a meet



Painting labelled ‘The Monmouthshire Hounds: Captain Michael John Hunter MFH on Brigadier and his son Michael Henry on Candidate at Michaelchurch Court’

Interior of Michaelchurch Court


Interior of Michaelchurch Court

Interior of Michaelchurch Court


Michaelchurch Court c.1950

Sketch of Michaelchurch Court, 1945


Michaelchurch Court from the air, probably in the 1960s; there are signs of neglect, but the Victorian wing has not yet been demolished.

Photograph of Mrs CM Hunter [nee Trafford] in the garden at Michaelchurch Court with her Maltese dogs, taken prior to her move to Portugal in 1968.





Photographs by kind permission of the Baxendale family

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