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Photocopy of original document


Digital Archive: Survey of Michaelchurch Court Estate

Place name:

Michaelchurch Escley


c. 1835


Photographs of the particulars of the Michaelchurch Court Estate set out in a survey with the surveyor’s comments annotated. These include notes of chief rents, quit rents and heriots, field names, land use and crops planted, names of tenants and observations on the condition of the properties.

Properties include Michaelchurch Court, Goods Farm, Mappllwydd Farm, Cae Vatin or the Wliderness, Firs Farm, Bank Farm, Dantlloyne Farm and Gworlod Vain Farm, Dukes Farm or Upper Llandraw, Forest Mill, Llandraw, Rhyd y Bach, Castle Farm, Trenant Farm, Michaelchurch Mill and Mill House.

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The photographs are from photocopies of the original documents and the image quality varies accordingly.

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