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Worcestershire County Council [HWCC Archaeology Service]




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An Archaeological Farm Survey at Clothiers Farm, Michaelchurch Escley

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Michaelchurch Escley




Guest Contribution: Introduction

This archaeological survey report is reproduced with the kind permission of Worcestershire County Council Historic Environment and Archaeology Service to whom we are most grateful. The full report can be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking the link on the title page below.

Ewyas Lacy Study Group



Report Summary:


Set amongst one of the most unchanged of rural landscapes Clothiers Farm offers considerable attractions for visitors in terms of its visual surroundings, historic sites and farming interest. The owners, Mr and Mrs Pritchard, have a great interest in the history of their farm and wish to build upon the presentation initiatives they have already started [display of farm machinery and tea room]. A farm survey for presentation purposes was undertaken for the farm which lies in the parish of Michaelchurch Escley near Hereford. Standing buildings, earthworks and fields were surveyed and recorded, and maps and documents related to the area were consulted. Recommendations are made for the presentation of the farm’s history and heritage to the public and the drafting of a publicity leaflet. The work was carried out with the assistance of a Survey Grant for presentation Purposes from English Heritage.



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Ref: rs_mic_0289