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Abstract of Title of Mr Jonathan Howells to New House, Tyn-y-gwynt and Pensylvania

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Michaelchurch Escley




A précis of the Abstract of Mr Jonathan Howells’ freehold title in these properties is set out below but may be summarised as follows:


New House



Richard Yeomans dies, leaves freehold to wife Sarah then son Edward


Edward dies, leaves freehold to brother William


William dies, leaves freehold to son John Haynes Yeomans


John Haynes Yeomans sells freehold to Jonathan Howells




William Webb dies, freehold sold by heirs to Jonathan Howells




Henry Allen dies, leaves freehold to son Frederick


Frederick sells freehold to John Price


John Price dies, leaves freehold to daughter Hannah Howard & children


Howard children sell freehold to Jonathan Howells


Abstract of Title of Mr Jonathan Howells and his Mortgagees to certain freehold Farms lands hereditaments and premises known as “New House” “Tynygwint” and “Pensylvania” in Michaelchurch Escley.



As to “The New House Farm”

4th Jan 1833 Will of Richard Yeomans of Llanrothel, gent, devised all his property to his wife Sarah for her life or until she married again, whereupon his farm called New House in Michaelchurch Escley devised to his son Edward. The Testator died in 1833 and the will was proved on 25th Nov 1833.


29th Feb 1836 Will of Edward Yeomans of St Weonards, gent. devised New House to his brother William subject to the life of his mother Sarah Yeomans. He also left money to be paid out of the property, to his brothers Richard, Henry and James. The Testator died on 13th March 1836 and the will was proved on 13th July 1836.


15th July 1868 Will of William Yeomans of Sutton-juxta-Sugwas, farmer, devised all his property in Michaelchurch Escley to his eldest son John Haynes Yeomans in fee simple or if he should predecease him then to the eldest surviving son. The Testator died on 28th Oct 1874 and the will was proved on 26th Nov 1874.


27th June 1881 Statutory Declaration by Elizabeth Yeomans of Enslington, Worcester, the widow of William Yeomans late of Stretton Court confirming that her late husband was the absolute owner of New House for many years let to John Munkley and containing about sixty acres and which he devised to their son John Haynes Yeomans. She confirmed the death of Sarah Yeomans as in the year 1850 and that legacies to her husband’s brothers Richard and Henry had been paid and that the annual payment to brother James ceased on his death many years ago.


23rd Oct 1900 Indenture between John Haynes Yeomans and Jonathan Howells of Oatley, Peterchurch, farmer whereby for a consideration of £1,000, Yeomans conveyed the fee simple of New House to Howells. It is noted that the property was formerly in the possession of John Williams afterwards his widow Ann Williams then of James Price and then of Mary Munkley and containing 60 acres 36 perches.


24th October 1900 Jonathan Howells raised a loan of £800 plus interest at 4% from Alfred East of Lansdown, Cusop.


As to “Twyn-y-gwint”

20th September 1899 Indenture between John Meredith of Brecon, grocer, Arthur Webb of Hay, gent, Clara Ellen Holyoake the wife of Frank Holyoake of Droitwich, gent and Jonathan Howells of The Oatley, Peterchurch, farmer.

Reciting that William Webb late of Hay, gent. held the fee simple, made his will dated 15th Jan 1866 and died 11th Jan 1880. He had made his wife Eleanor and brother Richard, trustees of his real estate. Richard died on 27th Sept 1892 and John Meredith was appointed trustee. Arthur Webb and Clara Ellen Holyoake were the children of William Webb and with the trustees agreed to sell to Jonathan Howells for £655 the property called “Twynygwint” otherwise “Ty-ycha” or “The Upper House” in Michaelchurch Escley. It is noted as formerly in the occupation of Edward Meredith then of Stephen Maddy as yearly tenant and containing 34a 2r 25p as follows:








































Rough Pasture




















Rough pasture







[This Tithe Map extract illustrates the relevant fields; base map copyright g gwatkin ]



Sept 1899 Jonathan Howells raised a loan of £500 plus interest at 4% from William and Jane Davies of Llechfaen.
To view the Abstract of Title to Tyn-y-gwynt between 1843 and 1898 click here .


As to “Pensylvania”

2nd Aug 1856 Indenture between Frederick Allen of Cheltenham, gent, John Price of The Griglands, Michaelchurch Escley, yeoman and William Joseph Thomas of Hay, gent.

Reciting that Henry Allen late of The Lodge, Glasbury, Esq deceased was the owner of the fee simple in Pensylvania and other properties and in his will dated 8th March 1840 devised to his son the said F. Allen all his property in Michaelchurch Escley – Pensylvania lately occupied by William Williams, The Pikes occupied by William Gwillim. His son Henry Allen the younger, Charles William Allen, the said F Allen and Humphrey Allen were appointed Executors.

Reciting that H Allen died on 9th Feb 1847.

Reciting that F Allen had contracted with John Price to sell the freehold interest in the properties referred to for £600 to include Pensylvania described as:

Pasture land called Pensylvania more particularly known as land called Old Building containing 2r 5p and numbered 69 on the Tithe Map; pasture land called Pensylvania containing 20a 1r 31p and numbered 74 on the Map; land called Rough Pasture containing 2a 2r 12p and numbered 75 on the Map.

All bounded on the South and South East by Griglands, on the North and North East  by open lands called Cae Mawr common or Vagar Hill and on the West by lands of the said F Allen called Llwynrosser [Llanrosser] and then in the occupation of the said John Price and shown on the Plan.


[This Plan is aligned with south west at the top]


25th Nov 1889 Will of John Price of Llanrosser devised all farm buildings and lands called Pikes Pensylvania Pentryhold and Sunny Bank to his daughter Hannah Howard and her children and £500 out of the properties to his grandchildren, the children of his daughter Jessie Williams (then dead) when they reach 21. His sons Charles Price and James Price were appointed Executors. John Price died on 12th Jan 1890.


Hannah Howard died on 12th Feb 1892 leaving seven children:

Henry William Howard born 12th Aug 1874

Elizabeth Jane Watkins (wife of Albert Watkins) born 29th June 1876

Emily Cook (wife of GH Cook) born 1st May 1878

Charles Howard born 4th Aug 1879

Alice Emma Howard born 9th May 1881

Arthur John Howard born 24th Feb 1883

Sarah Jane Howard born 9th June 1887


Jessie Williams died leaving nine children all of whom except one, have been paid their share of the £500.


20th July 1899 Charles and James Price mortgaged, inter alia, Pensylvania, then occupied by W.M. Howard, for £500 with interest at 4%pa.


24th Nov 1908 Statutory Declaration by Charles Price of Cwm Farm, Peterchurch, farmer, confirming that the £500 has been fully paid.


24th Nov 1908 Indenture between:

(1) the Howard children including: Henry William Howard of the Birches, Michaelchurch Escley, farmer; Elizabeth Jane Watkins of Trelandon, Clodock and Sarah Jane Howard of The Almshouse, St Margarets, spinster, the Vendors of the first part;

(2) Mary Jane Jones of Monnington Court, Vowchurch, widow, and Eva Catherine Wilson Jones of Molstrey, Vowchurch, Mortgagees of the second part;

(3) Charles Price of The Cwm, Peterchurch, farmer and James Price of the Abbey Farm, Crasswall [Craswall], farmer of the third part;

(4) Arthur Price of Griglands of the fourth part and

(5) Jonathan Howells of the Oatley Farm, Peterchurch, farmer of the fifth part.

Reciting inter alia, that the mortgage had been repaid.

Reciting that the Vendors have agreed to sell the entirety of the premises described to Jonathan Howells for the sum of £300 [the consideration is also referred to as £500]. Pensylvania was conveyed in this sale [possibly in conjunction with other property].


4th Dec 1908 Jonathan Howells raised a loan of £250 with interest at 4%pa, from William Parry Levick of Leominster secured on Pensylvania, The New House Farm and Twyngwint subject to existing mortgages on the last two of £700 and £450 respectively.


1909 An undated and unsigned handwritten document whereby Jonathan Howells is seeking a mortgage of £1,350 with security of all three properties.




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