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Digital Images Collection: Photographs of Conveyance of properties and lands in the Michaelchurch Court Estate

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Michaelchurch Escley, St Margarets, Craswall




Photographs of a conveyance dated 1st August 1962 of freehold property comprising Bank farm, Gigfrau farm, Mill farm and lands, Bridge Inn and Bridge Inn lands, Firs farm [part], Quarry cottage, Church House, Belle Vue cottage, the Smithy cottage and woodlands [all part of the Michaelchurch Court Estate] from Mrs CM Hunter to MH Hunter. A schedule of properties including area and description of fields is included, along with a map. The document is annotated with several memoranda relating to property in Michaelchurch Escley including: a conveyance dated 15th February 1978 from MH Hunter to J Stewart of Mill cottage buildings; a conveyance dated 17th February 1984 from MH Hunter to RJ Stewart of the Corn Mill; a conveyance dated 15th October 1979 from MH Hunter to AW Crane and others of the Bridge Inn and land; a Deed of Grant of easement from MH Hunter to the Welsh Water Authority to lay a water main; a conveyance dated 16th December 1980 from MH Hunter to J Stewart of a parcel of land [now Michaelchurch House]; a conveyance dated 10th April 1981 from MH Hunter to JM Bracey and others of Firs Farmhouse.


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