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Indenture for sale of Dykes Land by Thomas Jenkins to Jane Jenkins

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Michaelchurch Escley, Craswall




This Indenture is in a very poor condition and parts are missing. The following is commentary on the document based on its content and research into aspects of the transaction, the parties and the probable property, Pikes Farm, Michaelchurch Escley.


By way of the Indenture Thomas Jenkins sold Dykes [?Pykes] Lands Michaelchurch Escley to Jane Jenkins for £20 by way of her disclaiming her right to £20 due from him to her pursuant to their aunt’s will. Their common aunt was also Jane [her surname is missing. Thomas and Jane could well have been brother and sister]. Thomas is given as Yeoman; Jane is a spinster, both of Craswall. [From other sources, Jane probably lived at Trelan. The word spinster has also been deleted from the Inventory to her Will see tg_cra_0011].


John Jeffries granted a lease in 1740 something to which the sale is subject, possibly to Jane Harries [deceased by 1773] and this may have passed to Thomas Jenkins [from a Jeffries Estate survey it is known that Jane Harries’ lease was for the lives of herself, Thomas Jenkins and an Elizabeth Jenkins spinster]. Thomas’ sale to Jane is subject to the covenants in the lease.


Thomas mortgaged the property for £30 in 1766 with a further loan of £33 in 1769.


The premises are called Dykes Lands but appear to have another name which is missing from the Indenture. [This other name may be Pykes or Dykes may be a mis-spelling]. They were “sometime since” in the possession of a missing name, possibly Jane Harries,  “late” of Thomas Jenkins and now a John. [His surname is missing but is probably Griffits who is known to have paid rent to Jane Jenkins on the Pykes and is in the Land Tax entries].


One of the witnesses to the Indenture is an Allen [possibly Edward Allen who had acquired the freehold from Walter Jeffries around 1773.]




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