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Probate Collection; Will and documents for Richard Parry, gent

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dated 2 January [year missing but probably 1622]

To the cathedral church of St Davids , 6d.
To his 6 daughters, Mary, Johan, Anne, Margaret, Jane and Elizabeth [from here the full meaning is unclear due to the missing corner of the document however it seems he leaves the lands messuages and tenements etc in Clodock purchased from his brother Robert Parry and another Parry, first name missing, to his son, Rice. The income from this estate to be used by his wife for the upkeep and education of his daughters and presumably son Rice until Rice is 21] Then, within 3 years of Rice's 21st birthday he is to pay £160 to the 6 daughters to be distributed £120 between the three eldest, Mary, Johan and Anne with £40 between the three youngest. If any of them dies before the payout then their portion is distributed equally between the survivors. If his wife remarries before the £160 is paid then John Rogers, his brother in law is to take over the 'governance' of his daughters with the profits of the estate.
To sister, Katheryne, one cow and to sister, Sible, one cow.
Towards the repairing of the chapel of St Peter in Longtown, 10/-.
To Anne, niece, all the land and tenement in Longtown purchased from Thomas John Harry David for her lifetime and on her death it is to revert to son Rice who is then to pay £20 to the 3 youngest daughters.
To son, James, 'one of my best kine'.
Residual legatee is his wife [unnamed].

Executrix: wife.

Marked by testator

Witnesses: Morgan Delahay, clerk, William Symons, James Thomas, George Turner, Widow Turner.

2. Inventory: dated
21 January 1622 ; value £187 5 2d. Assessors: Phillip Prichard and Lewis Richard, gent .



Observations :

The will is very difficult to read as a large section of the top right hand corner has been torn off and some of the remaining text is very faded in places.
Connect with mfs_lon_0301 the bond and documents for Rice Parry, gent, his son,who died in 1640.
There is a list of both debts owed and owing which is reproduced  below:

Debts owing by the testatr   the day of his death
by specialty and otherwise
To Thomas Edwards                                    xliijli                           £43
To Wm Simons                                             iiijli                               £4 
To Phe [Phillip] John Lewis                        xli                                 £10 
To Alice Thomas Da[avid?]                          xij li                            £12
To the children of Richard Thomas       xxviiij li       xvj s                £29   16s
To Richard Gundy                                         xvli                               £15
Funeral expenses                                         vli                                £5 
                                                              sum Cxviij li         xvj s [£118   16s]

Debts due to the testatr the day of his death
Imprimis by James Parry                             xl li                               £40
By wm Simons                                              xlij li                               £42
                                                              sum lxxxij li [£82]

[Signed] per mr Morgan Delahay

debts being paid there remayneth
viij li    ix s    ij d [£8  9  2d]  towards paymt  of legacies and satisfying of heriots

[Signed] per mr p[er]fat Morgan D.

The inventory is reproduced below with modern spelling :
                                                                                                                 £     s     d
Imprimis ten kine                                         xli                         10
            Ite two oxen                                                  iijli                           3
            Ite  four bullocks                                          iiijli                         4
            Ite seven young beast                                 iijli   xs                   3    10
            Ite five calves                                                      xvs   viijd                 15      8   
            Item one Mare                                                     xxs                    1
            Ite one sucking colt                                             vjs    viijd                   6      8
            Ite one other young Mare                                xxvjs    viijd          1       6      8
            Ite eleven acres of corn growing                ijli                         2
            Item all corn in the Barn                               vli                         5
            Item four brass pots                                           xxs                  1
            Item two brass pans                                          xxs                  1
            Item ten platters                                                    vs                           5
            Item four candlesticks                                          ijs                           2
            Ite three feather beds                                        xxxs                 1     10
            Ite thirteen pairs of hurden sheets                  xiijs                        13
            Ite six pairs of flaxen sheets                                ixs                          9
            Ite two Iron broches                                               js     vjd                  1     6
            Ite two andirons and two gobbards                   ijs     vjd                  2     6
             Item all table boards all forms
                 all stools and chairs                                        xs                         10
            Ite one press and one cupboard                      xiijs    iiijd               13    4
            Ite two bedsteads                                                  xs                         10
            Ite  three coffers                                                     iijs                          3

            Ite four coverlets                                                  xxvis    viijd        1     6    8
            Ite four blankets                                                      vjs     viiid               6    8
            Ite four stands                                                          ijs                        2
            Ite one tub and other wooden vessels               vjs     viijd              6     8
            Ite four swine                                                          iiijs                        4
            Ite all gear pertaining to the oxen                        iiijs                       4
            Item in money due upon James Parry
            Item upon Wm Symonds                                 xlijli                 42
                                                                                                Phillip Prichard[signature]               
                                                                                                Lewis Richard gent [signature]
            more goods prized by the p[er]sons aforesaid
            the day & yeare aforesaid
            Imprimis one dripping pan                                          vjd                        6
            Itm one gridiron                                                             iiijd                       4
            Itm the Dsts [deceased's] garments                 xxs                  1                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sum total                              87li             5s               ij

[The actual total should be £83 9 2d]

Why there is the signatures of two persons inserted into the inventory is unclear. It is also unclear why Williams Symonds debt of £42 appears again in the

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