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Probate Collection; Will and documents for James Lucas, yeoman

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1. Will
[3 pages see Observations below] dated
16 April 1664 .
Beneficiaries: To Thomas Eustance, Elizabeth Gilbert and Johan Eustance, 10/- each.
To Alice, another daughter of Henry Eustance [?], 20/-
To Dorothy and Jane Martins[?], 10/- each.
To Elizabeth, kinswoman, wife of James Rowland of Longtown, carpenter, 20/-, one flock bed, one bolster, one blanket, one coverlid and one pair of hurden sheets.
To cousin Alice, wife of Thomas Watkins of Olchon, 20/-.
To cousins, Anne and Oliffe Scudamore, 10/- each.
To Lewis Powell of Trewerne, 20/-.
To James, reputed son of Lewis Powell, 10/-.
To Elizabeth Jennings, daughter of John Jennings, 20/-.
To Sible Jennings, 20/- and one pewter dish.
To Katherine, another of John Jennings' daughters,20/- plus one pewter dish and one cheese tub.
To Deverenx[?] Oliffe and Elizabeth, son and daughter of kinsman, Myles Thomas, deceased, 10/- each.
To kinswoman, Hele, daughter of Paul Thomas of Llanwonogg, gent. 10/-.
To Jane, 'wife of my reputed brother, Toby Lucas, 20/-.
To Mary, 'wife of my reputed brother, Henry,[unclear because of damage to the sheet, then continues] one grit stone, one trind, one great coffer being at my bedd side, my greatest brasse kettle and one [hole] charger'.
To servant, Mary Prosser, 10/- and 2 goats.
To servant Ryson Morgan, 10/-.
To loving friend, Rowland Jennings, 20/- and 'one square table boord [one word undecipherable] with fower posts now lyinge in my kitchen and fitted to make a frame for the said table'.
To his brother, Toby, Noyath-vaugh, 'all that messuage wherein I now dwell', on the death of Toby the property is to pass to Robert Jennings with the proviso that Robert Jennings pays Lewis Lucas Or Mary, Lewis's daughter the sum of either five or fifteen pounds [the amount is unclear as "fifteen" has been crossed out at the first mention and "five" written over the top, but a second mention has been left as "fifteen"]

Executor: Robert Jennings.

Witnesses: Paul Thomas, Gabriel Griffin and Jane Watkyne.

Date of Probate: 5 May 1664.

2. Inventory dated
4 May 1664 , value £26 17 0d. Appraisers Ro: Jennings and Paul Thomas.




The handwriting is a bit difficult to read and not helped by damage to the original. This set of documents is rather confusing. The second page of the will is written in a different hand to the first page and has been marked by the National Library of Wales as a separate administrative document. It is clear that a copy of the will has been made at some time and we have here the original first page and the copy of the second. There are no signatures nor witnesses on this copy page, these appear on another sheet. Although there is no testator's mark or signature those of the three witnesses are present and the usual, standard instruction to register the probate also appears on this sheet. Probably this was a nuncupative will.
With the will, a bond and inventory; 5 sheets in all.

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