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Longtown Township, Overseers Accounts, Highways and Bridges

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1776 - 1782


The accounts of the Longtown Township Overseers are mainly concerned with Poor Law relief but also contain some references to the Overseers responsibility for the maintenance of Highways and Bridges.

Extracts are given below

Township of Longtown
13th March 1776

Principal Landowners and Inhabitants at the house of David Pembridge. The condition of the Bridge over the River Monnow being very ruinous and much out of repair.
The Honourable Thomas Harley, Earl of Oxford has contributed Five Guineas and as much timber as is required towards such repairs.

Resolved that thanks be given and this resolution be inserted in the Hereford and Gloucester Journals

Thomas Harley of Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire, was Earl of Oxford. At that time he owned the Great Tithes of Clodock. His gifts may have been from benevolence or could have been in response to some ancient customary obligation.

At a meeting at Clodock Church on 9th November 1779 to appoint a person to survey for a new Bridge. Meeting adjourned to another date.

John Gwillim
James Pitt, ‘Survaiuir’ [Surveyor]
John Davis
William Maris
John Rogers
David Griffiths
Thomas Williams

Expenses of this Meeting, 0-2-6

20th February 1780

At a Township meeting to order the erection of a new bridge known by the name of Uston [Eustance] to be provided by the present Surveyor of the Highway in the Township of Longtown

The bridge to be erected with sound Oaken Timber at the rate of one pound ten shillings  per tun

John Gwillim
William Morris
James Watkins
Philip Jones
Thomas Williams
James Pitt

Expenses this Day - 3s-8d

4th April 1780

John Jenkins bill for Timber to the Bridge called William Eustance Bridge

Length 24 foot by 22 one fourth of the Girth
[?] eighty solid foot at 9d pr foot       £3-0-0
to hauling the planks from Clodock  £0-3-0

22 Sept 1780

At our Township Meeting for
appointing Surveyors for the Highway

We return William.Morris or John Jones to serve for redonog vaur [?]
We return Thomas Penry or John Watkins for the Burrow [Borough] in Longtown
We return Thomas Ruming or John Prichard
for the Hunthouse road
We return Philip Vaughan or John Jones
for the Cumbulling [Cwm Bullock] road
We return John Prichard or Lewis Lewis
for the Lower Division
We return John Williams or James Lewis
for Cumbach road.

John Jenkins
Thomas Jones
Philip Jones
Philip Jones
Thomas Ruming

16th Sept 1781

At a Parish meeting held at Clodock Church to consult with the landowners of Longtown Township on the repairing of Pontanhsop Bridge. They order Thomas Jones the present Surveyor to buy Timber for the said use and to raise stone and employ workmen for doing the said bridge and to make a loan from the Poor Rate to pay the expenses that attend on the same.

William L[?]
James Phillips

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams, Cwmcocher
Thomas Williams, Clerk
John Watkins, Cwm[?]
William Farr
Philip Jones

14th April 1782

Received of John Watkins £1-2s-9d being money due for repairing Pontanas Bridge

Thomas Penry, Surveyor


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