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Documents relating to properties known as Pontanhest otherwise Teibor Baugh, Berthee and Teer Button

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P8/25 Bond 24 June 1767
Samuel Lewis of Llandilo Crossenny, Yeoman, and Thomas Harris of Longtown Shopkeeper.
Bound in £220 for fulfilment of covenants

P8/26 Lease for a year. 19 June 1781
(1) Ann Jones of Longtown, Cloddock, Spinster
(2) William Gilbert of Longtown Gent and Phillip Lewis of Longtown Yeoman
Consideration 5 shillings
Several Messuages or tenements known as Berthee and Teer Button in Longtown
One peppercorn.

P8/27A Release. 7 February 1784
(1) Samuel Lewis, Lantilio Crossenny, Yeoman and son Samuel Lewis by Mary his wife, late Mary Davies, dec’d of Monmouth
(2) Thomas Lewis of Cloddock, Yeoman and Ann his wife
Consideration of £170
All that messuage, land etc known as Pontanhest, together with a seat in the Church of Cloddock.

P8/27B Probate of the Will of Ann Lewis 13 April 1803
Wife of Thomas Lewis of Castle Bach, Longtown.
Mention of settlement between them dated 20 June 1781
Mentioned in Will: Nephew David Watkins, son of niece Ann Watkins of Longtown. Nephews Lewis Jones and Philip Jones. Brother Philip Jones. Nieces Jane Williams, wife of Thomas Williams of Ewyas Harold, Ann Jones and Elizabeth Jones, daughters of brother Philip.

P8/28 Lease 4 January 1804
(1) Lewis Jones of Longtown, Farmer, nephew and heir at Law of Ann Lewis of Castle Bach. dec.
(2) James Williams of Longtown, Farmer
Consideration 5 shillings
All that messuage etc called Berthee and Teer Button in Longtown in the occupation of Lewis Jones, devised by the will of Ann Lewis to David Watkins, until the event of certain contingency therein expressed
One peppercorn.

P8/29 Release and confirmation of will of Ann Lewis 5th January 1804
(1) Lewis Jones as above
(2) David Watkins one of the devisees named in the will of Ann Lewis
(3) Philip Jones, Yeoman, brother of Lewis Jones also a devisee
(4) James Williams
Reciting the will of Ann Lewis
All the messuage etc called Berthee and Teer Button.

P8/30 Release 12 November 1805
(1) Thomas Williams of Ewyas Harold, yeoman, and Jane his wife. Ann Jones of Longtown, spinster and Elizabeth Jones of Longtown, spinster.
(2) Philip Jones of Longtown, yeoman.
Reciting the will of Ann Lewis
Consideration £20

All the messuage called Pontamest.

P8/31 Lease for a year. 19 January 1813
(1) Thomas Wilkins of the City of Bath, Esq, son and heir at law of John Wilkins of Brecon Esq, Sybil his wife both dec. Sybil being one of the three sisters of Edward Jeffreys Esq dec. the father of Walter Jeffreys late of Brecon, also deceased. Magdalen Morgan of Brecon, spinster. The Rev’d John Weddell Parsons of Upper Hadnock, Monmouth and Francis his wife, late Francis Morgan, spinster. Maria Williams, late Maria Morgan of Brecon, widow. (Magdolen Morgan, Francis Parsons and Maria Morgan are the three daughters and heiresses of Daniel Morgan of Presteign, Esq, and Magdolen his wife both deceased. Magdolen being a sister of Edward Jeffries) Jane Magdolen, Elizabeth and Maria Catherine Williams, the only children and heiresses at Law of John Williams, late of Duffryn in Glamorgan, dec, who was the eldest son and heir of Mansel Williams of Duffryn, Esq, and Jane his wife (both dec), Jane being another sister of Edward Jeffreys.
(2) Philip Jones of Longtown, Yeoman and Charles Herbert of Abergavenny, Monmouth, Ironmonger.
Consideration 5 shillings.
All that messuage etc called Pontannest, otherwise Teibor Baugh.
Rent. One peppercorn.

P8/32 Release 20 January 1813
(1) as (1) above
(2) Philip Jones of Longtown, Yeoman
(3) Charles Herbert of Abergavenny, Ironmonger
(4) Edward Morgan of Brecon.
Reciting Deeds 4 and 5 January 1730. 13 June 1754. 4 and 5 July 1775.
Consideration £943.
Land and property as above (P8/31).

P8/33 Mortgage/Appointment. 10 February 1813
(1) Philip Jones of Longtown, Yeoman.
(2) Rachel Herbert of Abergavenny, Spinster.
Reciting Deeds 19 and 20 January 1813.
Consideration £700.
Property and Land called Pontasnnest otherwise Teibor Baugh farm as above.
Rent one peppercorn.



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