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Cassey: History, Topography & Directory of Herefordshire

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Trades and professions in Longtown include:

Blacksmith: John Jones

Butcher: John Lewis

Carpenter: Thomas Cooke

Chemist [Druggist]: William Humble

Curate: Reverend Charles Lionel Eagles

Harness maker: John Hope

Registrar: John Price

Road Surveyor: John Hughes

Schoolmaster: CH Meredith

Shopkeeper: William Williams

Surgeon: John Brunton

Tailor: Nicholas Cheese junior, John Nicholls

Wheelwright: John Preece

Mentions property called:  

Forest Mill [William Goderich]

Lan Dwr [Charles Adams]

Middle Cwm [James Matthews]

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Local farmers are named. Reference is made to population and geology. There is a Free school and a Baptist chapel. Fairs are held on 29 April and 22 June yearly, a Wool Fair in the first week of July and a Statute Fair on 22 September.

This directory is not comprehensive in its coverage of all farms and commercial premises in the parish at the time. Also, in the transcribed lists of properties that are named, spellings in the original have sometimes been amended to reflect more common usage. In case of doubt please refer to the image of the original entry.

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