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Kelly’s Directory of Herefordshire and Shropshire

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Longtown and Clodock




Trades and professions named in Longtown include:

Bailiff [to Mr Allan James]: Charles Cook

Beer retailer: John Penry

Blacksmith: John Thomas, Arthur John Williams

Butcher: William Lewis

Carpenter: John Prosser, William Jones, William Williams

Carrier: Mrs Mary Nicholls

Curate: Reverend George Vaux Collinson [since 1890]

Draper: Urban Cheese

Dressmaker: Miss Margaret Burgoyne

Grocer: William Prothero, Urban Cheese/

Harness maker: Frederick Townsend/

Innkeeper: William Cooper [Rising Sun], Sarah Farr [Greyhound], John Johnson [New Inn], Benjamin Price [Crown], Elizabeth Parry [Cornwall Arms]

Ironmonger: William Prothero

Land Agent: John Gilbert Harris

Mason: David Pritchard, William Burgoyne

Miller: Henry Miles [Pontynys], William Davis [? Clodock mill], William Farr [Pontys mill], Peter Watkins [?Cwm mill]

Minister: Reverend John Howells [Baptist]

Nurse: Mary Ann Seaborne

Policeman: William Proctor [constable]

[sub] Postmaster: Samuel Prothero

Quarryman: Frederic Price

Registrar: Philip Gwillim

Schoolteacher: Joseph Helliwell

Shoemaker: William Prothero junior, William Parry [bootmaker]

Shopkeeper: Sidney Harris

Surgeon: Leslie Lachlan Thain

Surveyor: Philip Gwillim

Tailor: Urban Cheese, Urbane Nicholls

Wheelwright: William Jones, John Price, William Williams

Mentions property called:  




Castle terrace

Castle Vach

Church house

Clodock cottage


Court Llacca

Cwm bullog

Cwm coched

Cwm cochee

Cwm Dulas

Cwm farm

Far house farm [Lower Maescoed]



Glan nant

Glan Olchon house

Great house



Hunt House

Hunt house farm

Jessamine house

Little Cwm coched

Llan won og

Longtown farm

Lower Bryn farm

Lower House

Lower house farm

Lower Pont hendre

Lower Wern dee


Middle Pont hendre

Money ferdin

Mynuddferddyn hill

Old Court

Old Mill

Pant farm

Park Road farm [Lower Maescoed]

Pen Rhwl

Pen y lan

Perth y perton


Pool farm



Sandhurst cottage

School house

Shop Vach [Lower Maescoed]


The Ferns

The Moody


Trelandon cottage

Trelandon farm


Ty bach

Ty mawr

Upper Bryn farm

Upper Pont hendre

Upper Wern dee


Welsh Hunt house

Yew Tree Cottage

Images of the full 1895 Kelly’s Directory entry for Longtown are shown below.


The area, population, rateable value, main crops, geology and other details of the parish of Clodock and the township of Longtown are given, and it is noted that Longtown is a separate parish for all but ecclesiastical purposes. The architecture and history of Clodock church is described, as is the chapel of St Peter in Longtown, which is in Early English architecture style and was restored in 1868 at a cost of £600. There are also Baptist and Primitive Methodist chapels. There are Fairs on 29 April [sheep & cattle] and 21 September [statute] annually. There is a Board school for 100 children; average attendance 65.

This directory is not comprehensive in its coverage of all farms and commercial premises in the parish at the time. Also, in the transcribed lists of properties that are named, spellings in the original have sometimes been amended to reflect more common usage. In case of doubt please refer to the image of the original entry.

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