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Deeds for Middle and Upper Trewern

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Longtown & Michaelchurch Escley





Mortgage 14 February 1873
Howell Nicholls of Trewern, Clodock, yeo, to William Daubeney of Bath, gent
Reciting former transactions as follows
1.   19 July 1848 Mortgage by Howell Nicholls to Mary Price of 2 third parts of Middle Trewern and lands.
2.   14 March 1849 Conveyance by James Jones to Howell Nicholls of Upper Trewern and lands, subject to a life interest of Ann Pitt widow and annuities to members of the Pitt and Meredith families given by will of James Pitt dec., and an existing mortgage to Joseph Lea.
3.   14 March 1849 Further mortgage by Howell Nicholls to Mary Price charged on Middle and Upper Trewern as above.
4.   15 Oct 1853 Transfer of existing mortgage on Upper Trewern by James Lea to Mary Price.
5.   6 Oct 1854 Death of Mary Price having bequeathed her estate to her brother James Price.
6.   21 Sep 1860 Death of Ann Pitt, now wife of Morgan Williams.
7.  1862 and 1865 Further mortgages to James Price.
8.   Payment of legacies as above.
9.   7 May 1871 Mortgage by Howell Nicholls to James Price of his remaining third part of Middle Trewern and lands.
10.   20 Dec 1862 Conveyance by the trustees of the will of John Sherbourne to Howell Nicholls of house and lands in Longtown subject to estates and interests in the property given under Sherbourne’s will.
11.   4 Jan 1869 Mortgage by Howell Nicholls to James Price of house and lands as purchased in 1862.


Now, since the mortgage sums owed to Price and some of the annuities due under Sherbourne’s will are still unpaid, in consideration of £5,500 Nicholls mortgages to Daubeney the following properties:

1.   Farm and land called Trewern in parish of Clodock, in occupation of Howell Nicholls, and farm and lands called Trewern with lands in township of Longtown also in occupation of Nicholls.

Names of lands are given as follows

Cae Pend Wylan 7a, arable
Cae Pound 5a, arable
The Field 5a, arable
Old Land 1a, arable
Gwerlod Vach 1a, meadow or pasture
Hendre 4a, meadow or pasture
Gworlod Catherion 4a, meadow or pasture
Gworlod Whout 3½a, meadow or pasture
Cae Capelly 2a, meadow or pasture
Gworlod Fannon 4a, meadow or pasture
The Orchard ½a, orchard and pasture
Two Days Math 2½a, meadow or pasture
Hendre 15a, meadow or pasture
Latch Wern 14a meadow or pasture
Cae Carn 2a, meadow or pasture
Gworlod Gron 1 days math, meadow
Gworlod Vaine 1½ days math, meadow
Cae Gwerne 5a, pasture
Teere Geele 8a, pasture
Cae Glase 5a, arable
Cae yr Uchen 3a, pasture

2.   Farmhouse with garden and lands called Llyndee Ycha in townships of Longtown and Newton, 24a 1r 14p, formerly in occupation of Samuel Prothero.

3.   Farmhouse formerly called Little Wain, now Bank Cottage built on part of land called The Field near The Wain in Longtown, 2a 3r 18p, in successive occupation of James Pitt, John Jones, Thomas Penny, Henry Penny and Charles Corner.

4.   Farmhouse with garden and lands called The Nyal in Longtown in successive occupation of John Gwillym, William Farr, Howell Nicholls and now James Landman.

5.   Farmhouse and lands in Newton, 88a 2r 1p, in occupation of Thomas Harris.

With schedules of lands mortgaged.
Endorsed with receipts of consideration money.


Mortgage and assignment of term 20 July 1881
Howell Nicholls of Trewern, Clodock, and William Daubeney of Bath esq to William Hancocks of Ross.
Reciting deeds to 1873 as above and that mortgage to Daubeney has not been paid off.
Now in consideration of the payment of sums owing to Daubeney the property is assigned to Hancocks.
With schedule of lands.
Endorsed with the following transactions
1.   1901 The Buildings Farm with 2 cottages thereon (19a 3r 8p) in Longtown conveyed to John Watkins of The Dukes Farm, Craswall.
2.   1907 Following death of William Hancocks, mortgage assigned to Augustus Talbot Hancocks and William Hancocks.
3.   1911 Further assignment of mortgage.


Conveyance 27 Jan 1919
William Hancocks of Blakeshall, Wolverly co. Worcs to Morgan Tom Lloyd of Trewern Farm, Longtown, farmer.
Reciting deeds 1881-1911 as above and death of William Hancocks jun. in 1917.
Farmhouses called Upper and Middle Trewern with buildings and lands belonging in Longtown and Llanveynoe (131a 2r 22p).
Reserving to vendor the right to use the spring of water which supplies Nandee Farm with liberty to repair, renew, clean and maintain the pipes there.
With schedule of deeds and plan.





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