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Herefordshire Record Office




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Resettlement order for a Longtown pauper: Elijah Williams

Place name:

Longtown, Rowlestone




The transcription below is an extract from an order for resettlement under Poor Law and Settlement legislation.  For an introduction to resettlement issues click here.

Order for a removal from Longtown to Rowlestone, September 1848
Elijah Williams

Elijah Williams hath come to inhabit the said Township of Longtown not having gained a legal settlement there, nor having produced a Certificate acknowledging him to be settled elsewhere, and is now actually chargeable to the same Township not having lived there for the space of five years prior to the making of this Order and that the said Elijah Williams is confined to his bed with a Scropulous disease of the [?knee] which disease will cause to him permanent disability...of which fact we the said Justices are satisfied by the examination upon Oath of John Brunton Surgeon
[Signed by George Bentham and James Parsons Hopton, Justices of the Peace, 4 September 1848]

[On a separate handwritten sheet]
To the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Rolestone
Take notice that...an Order has been obtained for the removal of the above named pauper from our said Township of Longtown to your said parish of Rollstone as being the place of his last legal settlement and that the said order of removal hath been suspended the said pauper being unable from sickness to travel...
And further take notice that the grounds of removal...are the following -
That the said pauper is now settled in your said parish of Rolestone
That the said pauper has not been resident in our Township for five years prior to the making of the said Order and that he is sick which sickness will cause permanent disability to him
That the said pauper is now chargeable to our said Township of Longtown and hath never done any Act whereby to gain any settlement in his own right – and that his being sick at the time of making the said order was unable to be taken before two Justices of the Peace to be examined. [Not signed]



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