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Herefordshire Record Office




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Resettlement order for a Longtown pauper: Thomas Jones

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Longtown, Ewyas Harold




The transcription below is an extract from an order for resettlement under Poor Law and Settlement legislation.  For an introduction to resettlement issues click here.

Order for a removal from Ewyas Harold to Longtown, May 1842
Thomas Jones

...Who upon his Oath saith that he is forty two years of age or thereabouts. He was born as he hath heard and believed in the Township of Longtown in the Parish of Clodock...That in or about the year [1820] he married at the Parish Church of Clodock...one Martha Powell by whom he had six children three of whom are now chargeable to the said Parish of Ewias Harold ...namely Sophia aged about fourteen years, Elizabeth aged about ten years and James aged about eight years. That in or about the Year [1838] he took a House and Land of Mr James Parry of the Ruckland [?Ruthland] at the yearly Rent of Ten Pounds the said House and Land being situated in the said Township of Longtown, that he entered into the occupation thereof at Candlemas [1838] and continued in the occupation thereof for the three succeeding years and quitted the said House and Land at Candlemas [1841] and paid the said yearly Rent, That he was rated to the Poor rates of the said Township of Longtown and paid the said Rates and that he hath not done any act since whereby he hath gained a settlement elsewhere. [The mark of Thomas Jones]
[Signed] W Wood and Francis Hamp


The removal order is for Thomas Jones and his three children, and does not include his wife.

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Ref: nw_lon_1031