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Resettlement orders for Longtown paupers: Edward Evans and his son Alfred

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Longtown, Bwlch




The transcription below is an extract from an order for resettlement under Poor Law and Settlement legislation.  For an introduction to resettlement issues click here.

Order for a removal from Longtown to Bwlch in Monmouthshire [parish of Cwmyoy], July 1850:
Edward Evans and his son Alfred

Edward Evans and Alfred his son, aged six years have come to inhabit in [the township of Longtown] and are now actually chargeable thereto, although they have not a legal Settlement therein and have not resided therein for the space of five years...and have become chargeable thereto in respect of relief made necessary by sickness of the said Edward Evans and having made due enquiry into the nature of the said sickness we do hereby state that we are satisfied that the same will produce a permanent disability to the said Edward Evans...
The following are the grounds of removal -
That the said Edward Evans is now chargeable to our Township.
That sickness is the cause of such chargeability which the said Justices are satisfied would produce permanent disability and when able he will be liable to be removed.
That the said Edward Evans gained a Settlement in your said Hamlet by hiring and Service from the 13th of May 1833 to the 13th May 1834 at yearly wages to Thomas Williams living at Pontispowell in your Hamlet, by serving his year, residing at Pontispowell aforesaid in his Masters house and receiving his wages being at that time unmarried and having no child.
That he married at Old Castle Church in the year 1843 to Jane Griffiths who is since dead and by whom he had the said Alfred Evans his son born in lawful wedlock.
And also take notice that the said Order is suspended in consequence of the sickness of the said Edward Evans.
...Whereas it appears to us...the Justices making the within order of removal that the therein named Edward Evans is unable to travel by reason of sickness and infirmity of body and that it would be dangerous for him so to do we the said Justices do hereby suspend the execution of the said Order of removal until we are satisfied that it may be safely executed without danger.
 [Signed] Archer Clive and David John George, Justices of the Peace, 22 July 1850

[Added below:]
... charges to the amount of five pounds four shillings and ten pence have been necessarily incurred by the said Township of Longtown by the suspension of the said Order of removal [illegible: request for repayment by Bwlch] [Dated 3 March 1851]




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