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Resettlement order for a Longtown pauper: Mary Williams

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Longtown, Bwlch




The transcription below is an extract from an order for resettlement under Poor Law and Settlement legislation.  For an introduction to resettlement issues click here.

Order for a removal from Longtown to Bwlch [parish of Cwmyoy], July 1846
Mary Williams

Examination of John Norman of the Township of Craswall...touching the place of the legal settlement of Mary Willliams

...who upon his oath saith, In the year [1823] I was living with my Uncle David Norman of Tump in the Hamlet of Bwlch ...assisting him upon the farm he was in that year...The pauper Mary Williams who was of weak intellect came into the said Hamlet to my said uncle as Overseer for relief. She remained with him some time and was paid by the said Hamlet for her maintenance. After a short time and during the said year [1823] a meeting in Vestry of the said Hamlet was called, the brother of the pauper who lived in the said Hamlet attended the meeting and agreed to take to and maintain his said sister upon being paid for the same by the Overseers of the said Hamlet of Bwlch. She went to live with him in Longtown and has continued to do so up to the oath of her brother about three or four years ago and since that with his widow. I believe the sum agreed to be paid to him for her care and maintenance in Longtown by the Overseers of Bwlch was seven shillings a week for the first year. I have seen my said Uncle pay several sums of money at different times during the said year 1823 as Overseer of the poor of the said Hamlet to the said James Williams for the care and maintenance of the said Mary Williams the pauper while she was residing in Longtown. [Signed] John Norman

Examination of Ann Williams of the Township of Longtown...touching the place of the legal settlement of Mary Willliams...

...who upon her oath saith, The said Mary Williams the pauper has been of weak intellect for many years past and is unfit now from derangement of her intellect to be examined upon oath as to her settlement. In or about the year [1823] my late husband who was her brother agreed with the Overseers of the Poor of the Hamlet of Bwlch...to take care of and maintain her at his house in the said Township of Longtown. She came to live there with us, the sum agreed for was seven shillings a week. I received money from Daniel Morgan then one of the Overseers of the poor of the said Hamlet of Bwlch several times during the first year after she came to live with us for and towards her maintenance. The Overseers of the Poor of the said Hamlet of Bwlch lowered the weekly payment for the pauper time after time till it was reduced to about half a crown a week and I received the money for her from several Overseers of the Poor of the said Hamlet until after the New Poor Law Act was passed in the year 1834. I am certain that the said Mary Williams was never married and that she hath done no act whereby to gain any parochial settlement since the year [1823]. The said Mary Williams is now chargeable to the said Township of Longtown and I receive weekly the sum of Two shillings from the overseers of the poor of the Township for maintainance and taking care of her. [Signed] Ann Williams.

[Note on reverse:]
I took the said Pauper to Giles Dukes on Saturday 15th day of August 1846 in the Hamlet of Bwlch.  [Signed]  James Parry



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