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Probate papers of Phillip Perrot and Bond between Thomas Evans and Thomas Watkins

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Probate papers of Phillip Perrot of Llanveynoe, yeoman.


Will included: yes


Date of Will: 29th September 1792


Beneficiaries: To Thomas Watkins of Llanveynoe, yeoman in Trust: messuage or cottage called Rothoros where Thomas Watkins lived and now in occupation of Phillip Perrot; another messuage or cottage called David Prichard Land in the occupation of Thomas Evans. Immediately after death of Phillip Perrot, to sell the cottages and pay off the mortgage and of the residue to pay £20 to Elizabeth Edwards and £80 to her daughter Jane with any remainder going to Jane. The £80 and any remainder to Jane to be “laid out to interest” until Jane reaches 21 years with the interest used to pay her maintenance and other uses.

Thomas Watkins to receive rents and profits from another tenement where one Jane Lewis lived and now one Thomas Watkins to pay £5 pa to wife Mary, remainder up to £10 to cousin James Meredith of Madley and any further remainder to Jane daughter of Elizabeth Edwards.

Firstly out of the rents, money for advertisements to search for his son who left the country.

To his Executrix his mare and household goods.

To Thomas Watkins £2 2s for his troubles.


Executrix: Elizabeth Edwards


Witnesses: James Williams. Thos Evans and James Edwards


Inventory: no


Will proved: Canterbury 11th April 1794


Bond: dated 3rd July 1795 whereby Thomas Evans the elder of Llanveynoe yeoman and Thomas Evans the younger yeoman of the same are bound by Thomas Watkins of the same, yeoman, named as Trustee in the will of Phillip Perrot late of Llanveynoe yeoman, in the sum of £106 to be paid to Thomas Watkins. Obligation on Thomas Evans the elder to pay:

to Thomas Watkins the sum of £4 by two half yearly payments each year until such time as Jane Edwards, daughter of Elizabeth Edwards of Llanveynoe attains 21 years to be applied for her maintenance and education, and

to Jane Edwards on reaching 21 years, the sum of £80.




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