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Original document, photocopy


Probate Collection; will and papers for Thomas Gilbert of Olchon, yeoman

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1. Will [3 pages] dated
27 April 1657 .
First he requests to be buried in the parish church of Clodock
Beneficiaries: To David 'my base and reputed sonne all that messuage …wherein I now doe dwell… in Llanvienoe ' Also 'all other messuages and lands and tenements now or late in the several tenures of mee the said Thomas Gilbert and Lewis Gilbert which said messuages…were sometimes the messuages and lands of Nicholas Gilbert, gent deceased…to David and his heirs'.
If David the eldest has no lawful heirs then the messuages and lands are to pass to John Gilbert a second base and reputed son.
In addition all household stuff, pewter and brass to David
To Humphrey Jones of Poston, yeoman, and James Thomas John, of Llanveynoe, yeoman, all the corn and grain in in the house and growing upon the lands together with all livestock for them to dispose of everything and the money raised to be used to repay a loan from Hugh Charles of Llanveynoe ['by a certain deed dated 20 February 1649']
Also Humphrey Jones and James Thomas are tasked with the upbringing of is son David during David's minority.

Executors: Humphrey Jones and James Thomas.

Mark of testator. [The photocopy shows no sign of either mark or signature This will seems to be a copy as all the witnesses' signatures seem to be written in the same hand.]

Witnesses: Rees Thomas, William George, Henry Thomas Jon., Margarett ye wife of Henry Powell and Ro. Jennings.

Date of probate: Coversheet is dated
3 May 1662 ..

2. Inventory : dated
30 April 1657 , value £23 1 4d. Appraisers Lewis Rees, Harry George Griffith and Richard Charles.




Number of documents 7, including an undated Bond with bounden the above mentioned executors in the sum of £100 confirming their obligations as executors. It is of interest to note that the clerk writing the bond thought Clodock was in Radnorshire. There is another bond dated 4 May with the two executors plus a Walter Lloyd of Crickadarne in Co. Brecon, gent bound in a surety of £1000 to have the original will out of the Court registry for six months for the purposes of a legal action.

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