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Probate Collection; Will for Mary Probert , widow of the Darren

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1. Will dated 13 May 1850
Beneficiaries: All debts and testamentary expenses to be paid
To son, Thomas Probert , [unreadable on the copy- possibly £1]
To son, John Probert , £19 19 0d.
To son James Probert , £19 19 0.d
To son Lewis Probert , £19 19 0d.
To son Charles Probert , £19 19 0.d
To son, George, £10.
To daughter, Mary, wife of Samuel Thomas, £1 and to her illegitimate son George Probert , £19 19 0d.
To daughter, Anne, spinster, £50.
To daughter, Blanch, spinster, £50.
The household stuff, brewing and dairy equipment, food and drink to Charles, Anne and Blanch to be divided between them.
All farming stock live and dead and all the rest of her personal estate to son Charles.

Executors: sons, James and Charles.

Marked by testator

Witnesses: Philip Price and David Watkins

Mark of Phillipp John Lewis

Date of Probate: 12 September 1850.




As this is taken from a copy of the will deposited at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there are no supporting documents.

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