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Deeds of Firs Farm, Olchon, Llanveynoe

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1752 - 1846


The following is a summary of a bundle of documents marked Deeds relating to Firs Farm, Llanveynoe. The property commences as two cottages plus 27 acres and moves on to a messuage and 29.5 acres. Whilst no names are given, the current owners confirm that certain field names and areas support this being Firs Farm. The second cottage is now dilapidated but visible to the south of Firs Farm.


Briefly, the property was first sold by Walter Jeffreys Esq., Lord of the Manor, to Phillip James in 1776 for £135. William James inherited from his father Phillip and his estate sold to Thomas Crowe for £430 in 1829. By 1846, the property had passed to Thomas’ two daughters Emma Jane and Caroline Eliza.


23rd October 1776

Sale by Walter Jeffreys of Brecon Esq. to Phillip James of Clodock, yeoman for £135. Property comprised:
a cottage plus 16 English/Statute acres where Catherine James did formerly and William James her son did since inhabit, in the fforest of Olchon, mears and bounds well known, late in the tenure or occupation of John Symonds and Thomas Symonds and now the said Phillip James and on which a lease dated 18th June 1752 was granted by John Jeffreys Esq. deceased to Phillip James for his life, his wife Ann and Phillip their son, both since deceased, at a rent of 10s 4d;
another cottage and 11 acres formerly in the possession or occupation of Elizabeth Samuel widow also in the fforest of Olchon, now in the tenure or occupation of the said Phillip James and on which a lease dated 19th January 1770 was granted by John Jeffreys Esq. to Phillip James for 99 years for the lives of his eldest son Phillip James, now deceased, second son William James and third son [?Bencoist] James, at a rent of 4s.


9th November 1776

The property was mortgaged by Phillip James for £140 to Phillip Price of Clodock, clerk.


7th June 1782

Mortgage was assigned by William James of Clifford, yeoman, son and heir of Phillip James of Olchon, from Phillip Price to William Gilbert of Longtown, Gent. The cottages are noted as now in the possession of Phillip Perrot as tenant of William James.


8th June 1782

Mortgage to William Gilbert was increased to £180.


5th November 1807

Will of William James of Llangain, Clifford yeoman.
All messuages called Phillip James’s situated in the Township of Llanveynoe and now in the possession of Mr David Powell to be held in Trust by John Verney and Charles Davies the younger, on behalf of his wife Elizabeth for the duration of the lease to David Powell, whereupon the properties are to be sold. Sale proceeds to be invested with interest to Elizabeth for her life and then divided - £150 split equally between daughters Elizabeth, Hannah, Ann, Sarah and Mary; £20 to grandson James James son of daughter Elizabeth; residue to Phillip James his adopted son.


3rd March 1829

Order in Chancery in the matter of William Gilbert infant.
This lengthy document basically establishes the right of William Gilbert’s successors to the property failing due payment of their mortgage of 1782. It contains further information regarding the Gilberts but not directly connected to the properties.
William Gilbert the mortgagee made a will dated 31st October 1804 the Executors being his wife Blanch and Walter Marsh of Gworlody, Newton, Gent. William Gilbert died in April 1805 aged 93 and is buried at Clodock. His property comprised a messuage where he dwelt with a corn grist mill late in the occupation of William Harris and all messuages in the possession of [?Chris] Berrison. The estate to be held in Trust for his wife for life and then his children.
William Gilbert son of William and Blanch, christened 28th July 1782, left a will dated 7th February 1817 but which made no specific reference to his property. He died in February 1817 aged 34 and is also buried at Clodock. He left a son, also William, christened on 3rd May 1811 and at the time of the Order was aged 16 and deemed an infant.
William James in his will of 1807 had conveyed the property to Verney and Davies in Trust and the Chancery Court found that the mortgage was now vested in the infant William Gilbert who should transfer the property to Verney and Davies on repayment of the mortgage.


7th July 1829

William Gilbert infant, Verney and Davies sold the property to Thomas Crowe Esq. of Weobley for £430. The property comprised the two cottages and 27 acres now occupied by John Price. It is noted that William James, son of Phillip, had died on 23rd December 1808.


10th July 1829

Property mortgaged by Thomas Crowe to William Tayler for £200.


1st February 1846

In this Deed of Covenant to produce documents it is noted that Henry Moore, Trustee of the will of Thomas Crowe, had sold a messuage and land at Olchon containing 29a 2r 35p, to Emma Jane and Caroline Eliza, spinsters and daughters of Thomas Crowe.


2nd February 1846

Emma Jane and Caroline Eliza Crowe mortgaged a number of properties including property in Olchon comprising 29a 2r 35p as follows:

Messuage barn stable outbuildings & garden


Cabell Meadow adjoining garden

1a 2r 26p

The Plock

0a 3r 14p

The Meadow below house

0a 3r 16p

The Great Meadow

4a 3r 12p


1a 3r 24p


2a 0r 30p

The Old House Croft

2a 0r 16p

The Wood

0a 0r 26p

Symonds Meadow

2a 2r 32p

Symonds Plock

2a 3r 12p

The Wern Orles

8a 0r 30p

Wern Croft

1a 1r 31p

The Plantation

0a 0r 6p



20th April 1846

The William Tayler mortgage was surrendered.


The property comprising Firs Farm and the dilapidated cottage is shown on the Llanveynoe Tithe Map gc_llv_3000 and more particularly on gc_llv_3001 Map 1 click here where the property is referred to as a Homestead and land owned by Thomas Crow. 


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