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Copyhold Grant to Arnold George

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At a Court held at Longtown Castle on the 23rd April 1750 the Steward of George Nevill, Baron of Abergavenny, granted to Arnold George, Blacksmith, of Llanveynoe and Margaret his wife and his heirs and assigns all that Messuage, Tenement, Barn, Stable,, Kiln, Garden, fold and ten and a half acres of customary land Welsh Measure divided into several pieces of arable, meadow and pasture containing in the whole by estimation 39 English acres.

Being in the Township of Llanveynoe butting  and bounding by the River Munnow on the North, by the freehold lands of [Fostor?] Mabe on the East and South east and by the Customary Lands of John Price on the West and North west side.


The grant was for the lives of
Margaret wife of said George Arnold, aged 30
Arnold their son, aged 10
Blanch their daughter, aged 8
Fine £85, Rent 2s-7½d per year, Heriot £1-10s-


[The rent is set at one eighth of a Guinea. The Guinea at £1 plus 5% was a unit of cost often used when underlings were involved in a transaction].
Granted ‘by the Rod’.


This holding became known as Pont y Moody



Other details of this holding


1. There are three entries in the Manorial Rolls all dated 8th August 1818 which record the death of  Arnold George (the first) to whom the copyhold of 1750 was granted, the inheritance of Arnold George (the second) now known as the Elder, and the transfer of the holding to Arnold George (the third) known as the Younger. Arnold George III was a son of James Arnold and a grandson of Arnold George II. New lives were added. See pages 310 to 315 of J91/1


2 From a survey of the Ewyas Lacy Estate of the Marquess of Abergavenny taken about 1800, at the Gwent Record Office ref D1583/208 .


From page11


From map attached to page 11


Full page 11


3. From the Transcription of Agents Pocket Book of about 1865 (see gc_ewy_3111 )


Map 11

Nos 28 to 40 inclusive

Copy granted 19 July 1854 to Charles Lowth of Winchester Esq. and Thos Veasey of Baldock Co Hertford Esq.

for the Lives of The Princess Alice, Prince Alfred, and Princess Helena.

Called “Pont y Moody” Farm

Fence taken up between No. 28 and freehold.

Llanveyno Nos.366, part 367 (1-1-5), and 368 to 378 inclusive. 27a.3r.3p

Rent 2/7½


4. The Tithe Map of the 1840’s shows Pontymoody owner as  Marquess of Abergavenny, Occupier, Anthony George

 See gc_llv_3005

Pontymoody occupied by Anthony George in 1841


5. In the Terrier of Herefordshire Estates of the Marquess of Abergavenny held at the Gwent Record Office (D1583/201 of 1895) subsequent details of the holding are given. It is marked here as Pont-y -moody Farm.


This document is effectively the Register of Disposals of the Estate holdings. It shows that in 1895 the tenant was Rev. James South and that it was sold in the auction of 1920 as Lot 155 to J Parry for £420.




6. Sale of Marquess of Abergavenny’s Ewyas Lacy Estate 1920, details of Lot 155

See gc_ewy _3041



Map from Sale catalogue, Lot155


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