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Transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club ,1932


Bronze Age Burial Cists in the Olchon Valley

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c 2000 BC


In the May of 1932 Mr. James Smith, Farmer of Olchon Court, while ploughing a field uncovered a Bronze Age burial cist. The cist was stone lined and covered by a stone slab a few inches below the surface. It contained a skeleton in a crouched position laid on its left side facing east. Also in the cist were a fine flint arrow head and a pottery beaker, which had fallen on its side. When found the contents were undisturbed.

The site is on the eastern flank of the Black Mountains at an elevation of about 1040 feet

Mr James Smith was the owner and occupier of Olchon Court, he had been there 51 years and was aged 79.

Further investigation revealed a second similar cist a few feet away. The finds were investigated by members of the Woolhope Club and a full report is given in their Transactions

James Smith at the First Cist

First Cist as found,without Beaker

First Cist, after clearence

Second Cist, when cleared

Woolhope Club members at the site

The Second Cist Opened

Arrowhead from First Cist

Beaker from First Cist


Original report by George Marshall, Photos by F.C. Morgan

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