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Aubrey’s Farm, Olchon Valley, Llanveynoe

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The following is a summary of documents relating to Aubreys Farm in the Olchon valley, Llanveynoe. It comprised a farm with outbuilding and an area of land originally thought to be 45 acres but later found to comprise some 27 acres 2 roods 27 perches following the Tithe Map survey.


13th & 14th December 1822

Lease and Release between
1)  Thomas Watkins of Llanveynoe yeoman & Ann his wife
2)  William Aubrey Lloyd of Hay saddler, cousin of Thomas Watkins
3)  John Nicholls of Llanveynoe yeoman
Reciting that Thomas and Ann Watkins are old and infirm and in debt to William Aubrey Lloyd in the sum of £20. In discharge of the debt and agreement to support the couple for their natural lives and paying funeral expenses, William Aubrey Lloyd takes a conveyance of the freehold interest in the property and arranges a mortgage with John Nicholls for £100 to make payment to family members on death of the couple.
The property comprises a messuage, barn, stable, two beasthouses, hay house and garden commonly called Aubreys plus land of 45 acres known as Upper Fosseys, Middle Fosseys, Lower Fosseys, Cae Crwm, Little Beage, Middle Beage, Long Beage, Aubrey’s Meadow and the Potatoe Plock all in Olchon and now in the possession of Thomas Watkins and John Thomas.
The sale to William Aubrey Lloyd is subject to the use of Thomas and Ann for their lives and then to John Nicholls in trust subject to his raising £100 out of the property to pay the following:
£20 to James Hughes of Longtown yeoman
£10 to Mary daughter of James Hughes
£8 to Thomas Davies of Llanveynoe
£5 each to William Davies and John Davies brothers of Thomas
£5 to Sarah Price wife of John Price of Llanveynoe
£25 equally to the five children of Elizabeth Edwards late sister of Thomas Watkins
£10 to George Watkins of Capely ffyn [Capel-y-ffin] Minister
£5 to John Symonds of Olchon yeoman
£3 to Ann Powell Olchon
£5 to Jane wife of Matthew Morgan of Craswall
It is also subject to William Aubrey Lloyd providing to Thomas and Ann good and sufficient meat, drink, clothes, fuel and other necessaries for their natural lives.


22nd June 1830

Surrender between
1)   John Nicholls of Llanveynoe yeoman
2)   William Aubrey Lloyd of Hay saddler
Recites that Ann Watkins died before Thomas who died on 28th July 1829.
In consideration of payment of £100 by William Aubrey Lloyd to John Nicholls to meet payments due, John Nicholls surrenders his interest back to William Aubrey Lloyd to merge with the freehold.


21st June 1831

Mortgage between
1)   William Aubrey Lloyd of Hay saddler
2)   Thomas Williams of Clyro blacksmith
Mortgage of £200 granted by 2) to 1). Property as before.


20th May 1861

Release between
1)   William Lloyd of Hay auctioneer
2)   Hester Lloyd of Hay spinster
Recites that William Aubrey Lloyd, father of the parties, died 28th July 1833 leaving his property in trust to his wife Ann for life and then to sell and distribute the money to his five children; his wife Ann died 19th December 1851; William Lloyd offered the property to auction at the Swan Hotel, Hay on 25th January 1853 and afterwards at the New Inn Longtown in February 1855. No bid above £300 was received and the property was not sold.
In consideration of the sum of £130, Hester Lloyd is to buy the property subject to the £200 mortgage; property as before late in the occupation of Edward Pritchard and since John Watkins and now Charles Phillips.


14th March 1877

Assignment of Mortgage from Mary Ann Stephens of Clyro widow, daughter and executrix of Thomas Williams to George Games of Hay gent


6th October 1881

Transfer of Mortgage from George Games to Charles Wellington Lloyd of Kington gent.


2nd February 1884

Conveyance between
1)   Charles Wellington Lloyd of Kington gent
2)   Charles Griffiths of Hay estate agent
Recites that Hester Lloyd died 13th May 1868 and left the freehold subject to the £200 mortgage to her brother Thomas Lloyd subject to payment of £10 pa to her sister Ann Rogers. If Ann outlives Thomas then she takes the property for life and then to Hester Lloyd’s nephews William Aubrey Lloyd the younger and Charles Wellington Lloyd in trust for sale with the proceeds to all nephews and nieces.
Charles Wellington Lloyd offered the property for sale by auction at the Crown Hotel, Hay on 27th September 1883 and it was bought by Charles Griffiths for £305. The property comprised Aubreys or Arbreys or Lloyds Place as before except that the land, formerly stated as 45 acres is now believed to contain 27 acres 2 roods and 27 perches.


4th February 1884

Conveyance between
1)   Charles Griffiths of Hay estate agent
2)   Frederick George Morley of London civil engineer
Charles Griffiths sells the freehold of Aubreys or Arbreys or Lloyds Place plus land as 2nd February purchase, to 2) for £350.


5th February 1884

Mortgage between
1)   Frederick George Morley of London civil engineer
2)   The Rev’d Thomas Hearsey Thomas of Winforton Rectory, Hereford, Clerk in Holy Orders and Charles Griffiths as before
Now 2) grant loan to 1) of £300. Property as before.


20th October 1884

Insurance policy in the sum of £100, £40 on the dwelling, £30 on one barn and £30 on one beasthouse and calves cot adjoining; all stone and tile and occupied by William Watkins and called Aubreys Land, Olchon, Craswall.


7th February 1890

Mortgage of £300 discharged on repayment.


6th August 1896

Mortgage by Frederick George Morley now residing at Coolgardie, nr Perth, Western Australia of £200 from William John Humfrys of Hereford solicitor. Property as before.


The land forming the subject of these documents comprises what is still called Aubreys.
It is shown on the Llanveynoe Tithe Map gc_llv_3000 and more particularly on gc_llv_3002 Map 2 click here where the property is referred to as a Homestead and land owned by John Lloyd.


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