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Abby or Vannachlogg, Tay ycha and Clynne Lydan in Olchon Valley, Llanveynoe

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The following is a summary of a bundle of documents relating to the Abby [Abbey] at the head of the Olchon Valley, Llanveynoe. The property has an alternative Welsh name of Vannachlogg [The Abbey or Abbey Lands]. The Abby also appears to have included two other messuages called Tay ycha and Clynne Lydan [Clynne Lyddon]. The leases on these properties recited in the 1786 Indenture below, can be found in the Jeffrey’s Survey of 1705 ref nw_ewy_2103 on this site.


Basically, the freehold interests in the three properties were acquired by David Anthony from the Jeffrey’s Estate in 1776 for £250. He sold Tay ycha and Clynne Lydan to John Gilbert for £450 in 1786 and settled the Abby/Vannachlogg on his son John whose own son John inherited in 1849. The latter John left his Olchon messuages, which may be assumed to have included the Abby, to his daughter Elizabeth Prosser in 1873.



24th June 1786

Indenture between
1)   John Sherburn of Titley Esq.
2)   David Anthony of Llanveynoe farmer
3)   John Gilbert of Llanveynoe and Mary his wife
4)   Richard Price of Rowlestone gent
5)   John Powell of the Groves, Clodock gent
Lease and Release dated 29th Feb and 1st March 1776
1)   Walter Jeffreys Esq.
2)   Caleb Harries of Abergavenny
3)   David Anthony
4)   John Jenkins
Whereby David Anthony purchased the freehold interest in three properties from John/Walter Jeffreys for £250 comprising:
cottage and lands called Abby which David Anthony already held under a lease from John Jeffreys Esq. for life at 11s 4d;
cottage and lands called Tay ycha which David Anthony held for the residue of a 99 year lease from John Jeffreys for lives of John Symonds and Mary his wife at 13s 4d;
cottage and lands called Clynne Lydan.
All property to be granted to John Jenkins to the use of Caleb Harries in return for loan from him of £350


Mortgage by Lease and Release dated 18th and 19th June 1781

1)   Caleb Harries of Abergavenny, Dissenting Minister
2)   David Anthony and wife Elizabeth
3)   John Sherburn
4)   William James
Caleb Harries wanted mortgage of £350 repaid. David Anthony borrows £400 from John Sherburn secured against several messuages and land called the Abbey Tay Ycha and Clynne Lydan.
Now David Anthony has contracted to sell the two messuages called Tay ycha and Clynne Lydan to John Gilbert for £450. Richard Price to lend John Gilbert £300 towards the purchase. The properties are conveyed to John Powell to hold in trust for Richard Price as security.
The properties comprise:
a messuage and 24 acres of land called Tay ycha formerly in the possession of John Symonds, late in the tenure of David Anthony now occupied by John Gilbert;
a messuage and 15 Welsh acres called Clynne Lydan, in length between the Forest of Olchon on the south and a place called Graig Dee on the north and in breadth between the Olchon Brook on the east and the forest of Hatterel on the west, formerly in the tenure of John Symonds, late in the occupation of David Anthony and now in the possession of John Gilbert.
The majority of the principal and interest due to John Sherburn was repaid.


5th July 1786

Release and Appointment of mortgage between
1)   David Anthony of Llanveynoe yeoman
2)   John Sherburn of Titley Esq.
Property called the Abby mortgaged by David Anthony to John Sherburn for £50.


14th and 15th August 1799

Lease and Settlement between
1)   David Anthony of Craswall yeoman and wife Elizabeth
2)   David Gilbert of Craswall, yeoman and Thomas Watkins of Llanveynoe, farmer.
Property called Vannachlogg in Llanveynoe conveyed to 2) in trust for lives of 1), then to sell or mortgage to pay daughters as follows
To Ann, wife of James Francis, £10
To Jane, daughter of Ann and James Francis, £10
To Elizabeth, wife of John David £20
To Mary, wife of Thomas Pritchard £25
To Jane, wife of James Watkins £42
On payment, the property to be held for John Anthony, only son of David and Elizabeth Anthony.


30th April and 1st May 1818

Lease and Release for mortgage between
1)   John Sherburne of Hereford Esq.; David Gilbert of Craswall yeoman; Thomas Watkins of Llanveynoe farmer; John Anthony of Craswall yeoman
2)   John Gilbert of Craswall farmer
Payments to daughters of David Anthony have been made and mortgage to John Sherburn of £50 now paid off but John Anthony owes John Gilbert £190.
Mortgage now granted to John Gilbert on messuage and land of 20 acres called Abby otherwise Vannachlogg in the Forest of Olchon late in the occupation of David Anthony now in the tenure of John Watkins.


15th and 16th September 1823

Lease and Transfer of Mortgage between
1)   John Gilbert of Craswall farmer
2)   John Anthony of Craswall yeoman
3)   Philip Prichard of Longtown farmer
Philip Prichard takes assignment of the £190 mortgage plus additional £10 on messuage and 20 acres called Abby or Vannachlogg.


18th October 1860

Reconveyance between
1)   Philip Prichard of Orcop miller
2)   Samuel Johnson late of Llancillo now Rowlestone farmer and Henry Harris of Longtown farmer
3)   John Anthony of Castle bach, Clodock yeoman
Recites that:
Philip Prichard died 19th December 1846 leaving in his will dated 29th August 1838, the parties at 2), executors;
John Anthony of Craswall died 16th March 1849 intestate. John Anthony party at 3) is eldest son and Heir at Law.
Outstanding mortgage of £200 on the property, comprising messuage and 20 acres called the Abby or Vannachlogg formerly occupied by John Watkins and late John Stephens now William Munckley, now repaid and property reconveyed to John Anthony.


4th August 1873

Copy Will of John Anthony of New Brook, Abbey Dore yeoman.
All personal estate and property was left to his daughter Elizabeth in her name, wife of John Prosser of New Brook farmer.
Messuages are described as The Porth Peggys and Green Lane in Craswall and messuages in Olchon, Llanveynoe.
Elizabeth made executrix. Witnesses Thomas Guy of Allensmore and Charles Johnson of Coneys Gate labourer.


The land forming the Abby is shown on the Llanveynoe Tithe Map gc_llv_3000 and more particularly on gc_llv_3001 Map 1 click here where the property is referred to as The Old Abbey owned by John Anthony. 


Neither Tay Ycha nor Clynne Lydan have yet been identified.


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