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Property of the Harley family in Ewyas Lacy

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Llanthony, Ewyas Lacy


1623 - 1804



At the dissolution of monasteries, Henry VIII sold the property of Llanthony Priory to Nicholas Arnold. Most of the property consisted of lands and rights to ecclesiastical revenue (from rectories and tithes) in parishes neighbouring or not far distant from the monastery, including some parishes in Ewyas Lacy. The former Llanthony property was held by subsequent generations of the Arnold family, until 1720 when Edward Harley bought the estate for £36,186 -11s. It is not know to what extent the original Llanthony estate remained intact, but the conveyance names a number of places associated with medieval grants, both of land and ecclesiastical privileges, made to the monastery by Hugh and Walter de Lacy[1] . In Ewyas Lacy, Edward Harley’s newly acquired property included some lands, but the bulk of it consisted of rectories and tithes. (‘Rectories’ would have given a right to the great tithes - that is, of more valuable produce - and the right to nominate a vicar, as distinct from great tithes without the right of clergy nomination.)

Details of the properties given in the summaries transcribed here are an invaluable resource for reconstructing the land and revenue interests of Llanthony Priory in medieval Ewyas Lacy.

Documents in the Harleian collection are owned and housed by the Harley family of Brampton Bryan. Early in the last century they were collated in bundles in an apparently random manner; documents relating to Ewyas Lacy are identified in the index files by the bundle numbers given below.

Harley Bundle 17

Page 3:

Bargain and Sale Enrolled
14 Nov [(1 Jas I) [1623]
1. Nicholas Arnold of Lanathony, co Monmouth, esq
2. Sir Anthony Mayne of Lynton, Kent, knt and Thomas Denne, Denne al[ias] Denhill, Kingston, Kent
Consideration: 5/- and divers other sums
The manor of Lanthony and Comyowe al. Comyoye [Cwmyoy] and lands and tenements there and in or near the town of Monmouth.
The manors, towns or hamlets of Redcastle, Oldcastelle [Oldcastle], and Stanton, Co. Monmouth and Lordship and manor of Newton, co. Hereford
with all messuage etc, fishings, pasturage, advowsons, tithes, etc.
Witnesses: Nicholas Bromley, Thomas Gradyere

Page 4:

24 October 1670
1. John Arnold of Lanvihangell Crucory, esq
2. John Watkins of Comyoy
Consideration: £5 fine
Lease of house and garden which Mary relict of Richard David now lives called Tee Richard David (½ acre) in Clodock, co. Hereford late in the tenure of Richard David, in a full manner as held by him by copy of court roll, adjoining on one side to Clodock Church and the Bean barn and on the other to the road leading from Clodock Bridge to Longtown
Timber and quarries excepted
For 99 years, lives of John Watkins, Johan Watkin, his wife, Richard Gilbert his nephew
Rent 1/- p.a.
Witnesses: James Jones, Rowland Parry

Page 7:

26 July (9 Chas) [1633]
Marriage Settlement
1. Nicholas Arnold of Lanthony, co Monmouth, esq
2. The Rt Hon Earl of Carbury of Bouden ?, Sir Marmaduke Lloyd, Justice of Chester, Hugh Olyns of Orrilton, co Pembroke, Robert Tanfield of the Middle Temple, ? esq and Richard Willis of Westminster, esq
3. Dame Elizabeth Salisbury, co Chester, relict of Henry Salisbury, late of Lleweine, co Denbigh, bart, dec and Lettice Moor, dau of Sir Edward Neot, knt decd and of Dame Elizabeth Salisbury
Marriage between Nicholas Arnold and Lettice Moore and £500 marriage portion.
Settlement as follows:
Capital messuage or house in Michelstone or Michelchurch in Llanvihangell Kilcorne [Llanfihangel Crucorney], inclosure of land called the Skirret or St Michael’s Mound (parcel of the lordship of Tryle) and inclosure called the arvolt in Llanvihangell Kilkorney, messuage and lands late in the occupation of Patrick John Pritchard, parcel of the premises, the Lordship of Tryle and lands and tenements, the lordship of Old Castle and tithes within the parish of Old Castle or Truin [Trewyn] in Monmouth now and late in occupation of John Price, and demesne lands of Redcastle now in the tenure of Nicholas Arnold, the Lordship of Stanton, manor and lordship of Lanthony and Comyoye, co Monmouth, lands and tenements near Monmouth, manor of Redcastle, Old Castle, Stanton, manor of Newton, co Herereford, capital messuage in Michelstone or Michaelchurch in Lanvihangel Kilcorne co Monmouth in which one Rice Morgan, esq father of Anthony Morgan esq sometimes lived, 3 orchards and garden and meadow called Ginlode near the capital messuage now in the possession of Nicholas Arnold in Lanvihangel Kilcorne, and in meadow called Meade Meadow, and piece of ground called Whitefield, and all those other closes called Brynne and Redgoghey and the meadow adjoining a little meadow by the Eyns, a close called Eyns Knivace, those parcels called Lithoe, a close lying above the Fetches Close, a piece of gound called patch above Ridings, messuage now and late in the tenure of Margaret Harris, messuage or tenement now and late in the tenure of David Gweillim, messuage and close adjoining now and late in the tenure of John Howell and Joane his wife, in a piece of ground called the Parks and messuage and close called the Meande House piece of ground called the Lytha, piece of ground called the Seege and the Ironwork in the same gound in Lanvihangel Kilcorne and all those houses and barns in Michelstone called the Other Houses and barns in that piece of ground called the Birden and in the piece of ground called the patch beyond Howny.
The manor or lordship of Tryle in the parishes of Lancillo Bartholy and Lanthony Skered the capital messuage of the manor of Tryle and demesne now and late in the tenure of Thomas William (?), Morgan, William Watkin, John Pritchard and David Furnor, that mill called the Grist Mill, meadow called Mawarne meadow, ground called Green Giolesse and properties in Michelstone, Michelchurch and Llanvihangeel Kilcorne which Nicholas Arnold lately purchased of Sir Thomas Savage of Rockerage, co Chester. St Nicholas Fortescue of Corkhill, co Worcester, knt and Sir Richard Lumley of Stanstead and messuage late in the possession of Patrick John Pritchard in Llanthony Skeried – and lands of Nicholas Arnold in Lanthony and Comyoye al. Comyoy, Stanton, Newton, Michaelchurch, Llanvihangel Kilcorne, Tryle Lllanthony Bartholy, Lanthony Skewred, co Monmouth.

Page 9:

Particulars of the Tythes of Corn, grain, wood and lands of upwards of 20 thousand acres of land of which 3577 acres are at present in tillage
In –
Lancilloe [Llancillo], Rowlestone, KenderChurch, Saint Margaret’s, Michael Church and Clodock, also the Heart, Public House, with Garden, large barn, stable etc in Longtown near the middle of the Tything
Yearly value £570
With probability of considerable increase by future tillage of more of the land, and from Inclosure and Improvement
To be sold by auction by Mr Jaques on Thursday 30 August, 1804 at Garraway’s Coffee House, Change-Alley in one lot
The estates to be viewed till the sale by applying to Mr William Jones of Brind in Longtown
1 December (4 Chas) [1628]
1. The Right Hon Sir Robert Nauton, Knt, master of Court of Wards and liveries, Sir Benjamin Rudyerd, Surveyor of the Liveries
2. Nicholas Arnold, esq, son and heir of John Arnold, Esq
The king is agreed to grant to Nicholas Arnold a special livery of lordships which descended to him from John Arnold, son and heir of John Arnold.
Now: delivery of schedule of such lands and agreement for valuation:
Nicholas Arnold does agree to pay to the Crown the double of one year’s value and not to disturb any tenant for life and in ?
Attached to the Deed
A value of Extent of the premises claimed by John, son of John Arnold, John Arnold II d 3 Jan (3 James I) [1606], leaving the Priory of Llanthony in Monmouth lately priory of Llanthony near Gloucester, were possessed of the manors of Llanthony, Comyoye in Hothnesland and all the manors, Oldcastle, Walterstone, Ould Court [Oldcourt], Newton, Kenderchurch, Erdsley, Overland, and Netherland, Rolleston and Llancillo, the rectories and churches of Clodock in Ewyaslacy and the chapel of St Martin of Trewyn, Redcastle, the advowson of Ouldcastle, Walterstone, Ouldcourt, Newton, Kenderchurch, Eardisley, Overland and Netherland, Rolleston, Llancillo, St Martin, and Cronhowe and S Clodock in Ewiaslacy, the parish church of Redcastle and tithes of corn, hay and grain and other tithes in Penpark Festhoke, Whitwall, Oltham, Trewerne, Lingavilla? Nethersley, Foscome, Unribarne, Devauden, Ewiaslacy and Stretoon.
And also all those lands and pasture containing 207 acres and one rod and all those mountain lands containing 152 acres and all those lands containing 25 acres called demesne lands in Hothneslande late belonging to Llanthony I or II and water mill and cottage adjoining in Hothnesland. And tenement next the north porch in Abergavenny co. Monmouth late belonging to Llanthony I & II.
Meadow in Howton, in co Hereford. Rent to the Crown: £70. 4s. 8d
Induction 40/-
total £22
Nicholas Arnold, knt, seised by feoffment of 3 July (27 Eliz) [1585] by which Thomas Chamberlain knt passed it to Arnold and after his death it came to his son John, base begotten on the body of Margaret Hore al Ysam, widow later wife of Nicholas Hore, gent, late of Waterford, Ireland and the heirs of John, remainder and sesein to Thomas Porter of Newent, knt and his heir.

Page 11:

Answers of Nicholas Arnold deft in Bill of Complaint by the Rt Hon George, Lord Bergavenny
As to rights, boundaries, rent etc claimed as appertaining to Lordship of Bergavenny in Llanvihangel Crucorny etc

Page 12:

Paper re tithes of Ewyas Lacy, purchased by Earl of Oxford
5 items

Bundle 16

Page 3:

29 July 1720
Release (Conveyance)
1. Nicholas Arnold of Lanthony formerly of Lanvihangel Crucorny
2. The Hon Ed Harley of Lincolns Inn, esq
Consideration: £36,186 -11s
Manors – Lordships of Comyoy al Comyoy Lanthony, Old Castle, Red Castle, Stanton and Triley
Manor of Newton, co Hereford
Impropriate rectories of Old Castle, Walterstone, Comyoy al Conyoy, Ewas Lacy Forthog [Fwthog] Trewin Treweadow, Trewerne, Berry Barne, Turnant Barn, Penparke, New Court [Newcourt] Parke, Old Court, Trelanden and Michael Church
Capital messuage in Lanvihangel Crucorny and land (specified)
Messuage called the New Inn, Smith’s shop in Llanvihangell Crucorny, house by the bridge and other messuage and lands (specified)
Messuage called Trily Farm in Lantilio Pertholey and other lands etc (specified)
Lands called Maesy beran, site of the late dissolved priory of Lanthony and lands in Comyoy (specified)
Messuage called Old Castle Court and other messuages including mill and lands (specified) in Old Castle
The New Inn and other messuages etc (specified) in Comyoy
2 stone quarries in Old Castle
Triley Mill in Lanthilio Pertholey, lands called the Skeritt and Patrick lands in Llantilio Pertholey
Meadow (7 acres) in Walterstone, messuage in Rolleston
Piece of ground near the Castle of Hereford (8 acres) now and late in tenure of Philip Hodges
Meadow in Langorse (8 acres)
Fishery of Lynsarothan formerly demised to William Morgan at rent of 20 pounds weight of Pike
Tithes arising within the upper division of Comyoy now or lately in lease to Herbert Croft and Lower division of Comyoy now or lately in lease to Richard Gundy, tithes arising of Old Castle, tithes of wood and lands in Lower division of Comyoy
Tithes arising – Walterstone, Rollestone, Lansillow, Carswell and Froscomb barn
Tithes of wood and lands – Clodock, Longtown, Michaelchurch Turnant, Olchon, Craswall, Trelandon, Old Court, Treverne and Penparke. Berry Barn, Foothog, Michael Church al Nether Escley [?Michaelchurch Escley], Kender Church, Buparke
Tithes of corn and grain in Old Court and Trelandon

Bundle 72:

Counterpart Lease, 22 January 1630/1
(1) Nicholas Arnold of Llanthony, co Mon, esq
(2) James Nicholls of Llanveynoe, Clodock, yeo
Consideration : £92
All those tithes of corn and grain called ‘Tythinge Barne of Alchon’[Olchon], being in Clodock.
Lives of James Nicholls and sons David and John
12d, pa

Counterpart Lease, 25 October, 1690
(1) John Arnold of llanvihangell, co Mon, esq
(2) Williams Eustance of Longtown in Clodock, yeo, and David Jenkins of Hereford, yeo
Annuity of £8 arising from the tithe of Trewarne. To use of Mary Price, wife of John Price of Longtown, tanner, and Elizabeth their dau.
99 years or lives.

Counterpart Lease, 26 September, 1699
(1) John Arnold of Llanvihangell co Mon, esq
(2) James Williams of  Boncechurch, co Herefs, yeo
Tithe of corn and grain arising from lands called Old Court and Trelanden, in Clodock
For lives of James, Edward and Elizabeth, children of (2)
£1.8s 0d pa and £4 pa and 8 bushells of oats at Christmas

Lease, 14 March 1699/1700
(1) John Arnold of Llanvihangell, esq
(2) Sybyll Beavan of St Margaret’s, co Herefs, widow
Messuage where (1) [sic] dwells with orchard, garden and lands belonging commonly called Coomslooth Lands (16a) in St Margarets.
99 years
5s and a couple of capons at Michaelmas

Counterpart Lease, 14 November 1704
(1) Nicholas Arnold of Llanvihangel co Mon, esq
(2) James Williams of Bouce Church, co Herefs, yeo
Tithe of corn and grain from Old Court and Trelandon, Clodock
99 years
£1.8.0 pa and £4 pa and 8 bushells of oats at Christmas
Heriot £1

Counterpart Lease, 24 March 1731
(1) Edward Harley of Eywood, co Herefs, esq
(2) Thomas How of Lavicillo [sic], and William Gwillim of Rowlstone, yeo
Tithes of corn and grain in Llancillo and Rowlstone, with a tenement, garden, and 2a land near the Bithell
21 years

Bundle 79

Page 1:

[on label attached to this item: ‘...Clodock, Olchon Barn, 1740, Prichard...’]
Release (lease missing)
17 March 1740
(1) James Talbot of Hereford, Tobacconist, and wife Elizabeth (formerly Elizabeth Butcher)
(2) Ann Prichard of Clodock, only surving dau of David Jenkins dec, and William her son
(3) Benjamin Hall of Walton co Rads, gent and wife Ann, one of the daus of James Parry
(4) Edward Harley of Eywood esq
Reciting earlier mortgage of the Jenkins family to Elizabeth Butcher for £10 which has not been paid.
Now in consideration of £10 to Talbot and £4 to Prichard an outright conveyance is made to Harley of All that barn erected by David Jenkins on land in Lllanveynoe adjoining land called Howle Mile and the river Olchon.


[1] . Roberts, George (1846). ‘Llanthony Priory, Monmouthshire’ Archaeologia Cambrensis Vol 1, p201-245. To see an extract click here .

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