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The Mansions of Herefordshire and their Memories: CJ Robinson

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Charles John Robinson MA was Vicar of Norton Canon in Herefordshire, and his book was published by Longmans & Co. of London in 1872. It includes comments on the parishes and prominent families of the county. The following entry is for Llancillo:


“Llancillo is a small parish, annexed to Rowlston, (which see). The manor is said by Duncumb (ii. 291) to have formed part of the great manor of Ewyas Lacy, and to have been leased to the Scudamores of Kentchurch and Rowlstone, at a nominal rent. ‘This payment has long been discontinued, and the manor is now vested in that family and is held by their service as judges in the county court, by suit and doom.’ A branch of the Scudamores of Rowlston resided in this parish[*].

[*] Among the M.I. [Monumental Inscriptions?] are the following:- Elizabeth, w. of Thos. Scudamore, Gent., bur. 22 Oct., 1653; Jane, w. of James S., Gent., d. 24 Oct. 1681, aet. 52; Thomas S, d. 7 June, 1695; Thomas S., Gent., d. 4 Dec., 1695; Walter S., d.1712; John S., d. 11 June, 1712, aet.81; Magdalene S., d. 13 Dec., 1728. James Scudamore of Llancillo, in his will, dat. 1686, and pd. 1690, mentions his children, James, John, John,[sic], Mary , and Elizabeth. (see Rowlston).”

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