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Probate Collection; Will for John Thomas, labourer

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1. Will dated 28 September 1650 .
'Whereas I am and stand indebted to Walter Powell of Lavellen, county Monmouth, gent for mault and otherwise for money which he payed to cover my debts to several persons. And as much as there is due to me the interest and increase of several sums from William [surname blank] and his daughters from Richard Lewis and others. And from Richard Thomas for several and divers yeares now past whereof the said Walter Powell hath a note and is informed by mee. All the said interest is left to Walter Powell'
To wife, £5
'The Stock upon which the interest or increase was[?] due are to bee to my sonnes John [and] William after my death as it is mentioned and declared in an order formerly taken at the Counsell of the Marches of Wales which sayd money I desire the sayd Walter Powell to use his best indeavour to procure and get for my sayd sonnes.'

Executor: Walter Powell

Marked by testator.
Witnesses: Joseph Parry, Sibell his sister in law, Rebecca Davies servant to Master Parry, William Houloe.

Date of Probate:
1 March 1654 .




As this is taken from a copy of the will deposited at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there are no supporting documents.

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