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Photocopy of original documents


Probate Collection; Will and documents for Walter Vaughan, gent

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1. Nuncupative Will dated 18 February 1659/60, with 'fiat Tho: Lewis'

Beneficiaries: To grandchild, Elizabeth Prichard, 4 bushels of 'moncorne', plus 'the feather bedd that I doe lye upon wth thappurtanences'
To grandchild, Bridgett Gilbert, 4 bushels of 'moncorne'
To grandchild William Vaughan 1 bushel of 'moncorne'
To Margaret Thomas David and Blanch her sister one bushel of 'moncorne'
To Kolherch Jones, calf and one bushel of 'moncorne'
To Margaret Phillips and her three sisters one bushel of 'moncorne'
To John Harry David, calf and bushel of 'moncorne'
To Mark Harry, one peck of 'moncorne'
To Teory Saer, one peck of 'moncorne'
To Blanch Lewis, one peck of 'moncorne'
To William David Harry, one peck of 'moncorne'
To grandchild Elizabeth Vaughan, one cow
To Thomas Jones, man servant, one ewe and lamb.
To Jane Lewis, maid servant, one ewe and lamb
All the remainder of the estate to son, William.

Executor: William Vaughan.

Witnesses: Henry Pryse, Thomas Jones & Jane Lewis

Date of probate: none given.


2. Inventory : Dated 31 March 1660 , value £25 0 0d. Appraisers Phillip Vaughan, Harry Price & Thomas Jones




Difficult will to read. Although the NLW reference number would indicate a probate date of 1661 there is no indication on the documents of this date. 2 sheets in all.

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